Suspension and Body Lifts


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Stock Specifications:

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Solid Front Axle Swaps (SAS):

NOTE: Dana 44 front axle swaps are in the Axles Section.

Body Lifts

Body Mount Replacement And Body Lift Installation

P/A #883 1998+ 3-Inch Body Lift Installation

Leveling Your Ranger – Front

Ford Ranger Leveling Kits

Leveling Coil Installation

Factory Coil Spring Spacers 

Cranking Your Torsion Bars

ProComp Torsion Key Lift

2008-2011 Ford Ranger ‘Pre-Key’ Modification

Torsion Key Lifts – 1998-2011 Ford Ranger

VW Strut Bearing As A Coil Spring Spacer Seat

Coil Spring Spacers From Steel Washers

Rear Suspension

Explorer Leaf Spring Swap / Lift

Belltech 6400 Shackle Install

Explorer – Ranger Leaf Spring Comparison

Installing Add-A-Leafs

James Duff Traction Bars

Building Custom Spring Perches

Chevy Leaf Spring Swap

Air Bag Installation

Rear Axle Flip

64-Inch Leafs & Shackle Flip

Rear Spring Hangers & Shackles

Spring Hanger Replacement

Spring Shackles & Hangers

Using Front Coils From Other Vehicles

Maximum Flex For The TTB With Jeep Coils

F-150 Coils For Your V8 Ranger

Various Coil Spring Rates


Shocks For Your Torsion Cranked Ranger

Pick The Right Shocks

F-250 Front Shock Mount

Broken Lower Shock Mount

Shock Dimensions

Manufacturer Instructions

SkyJacker Class I Lift

SkyJacker Class II Lift W/Radius Arms

Skyjacker Class I Instructions

Skyjacker Class II Instructions

Superlift 98-09 Instructions

TrailMaster Suspension Lift

TrailMaster Body Lift (Page 1)

TrailMaster Body Lift (Page 2)

James Duff Dual Shock Mount

James Duff Add-A-Leaf

Rancho Install Instructions



Suspensions & Lift Kits:

The Ford Ranger Front Suspension

Lifting On A Budget

1983-1997 Ford Ranger 4×4 Lift Kits

1998-2011 Ford Ranger 4×4 Lift Kits

2WD Suspension Lifts

Coil Spring Retainer

Installing Skyjacker 6-Inch Lift

James Duff 5-Inch Stage 3 Lift Install

Installing A Superlift Kit – 2001 Ford Ranger

1998-2011 Ford Ranger Coilover Conversion

Torsion Bar Codes & Part Numbers

Removal & Installation of Torsion Bar & Key

Remove Torsion Bar Without Special Tool

Replacing TTB Axle Pivot Bushings

Suspension Tuning / Wheel Travel

Optimizing The Skyjacker Lift Kit

Getting The Most From Your TTB Suspension

4″ to 6″ Coil Swap

Get More Wheel Travel

Jeep Coils

Zimmerman TTB Mod

Skyjacker Extended Radius Arm Install

64-Inch Leafs & Shackle Flip

Wheelbase Chart

Suspension Repair & Fabrication

Building Custom Spring Perches

Broken Lift Brackets

Superlift Bracket Repair

Dana 35 TTB Cut & Turn

Design Your Own Lift Brackets

Welding Brackets To The Frame

Metal Design

Fraction To Decimals

Reading Welding Symbols

Fitting By Back Measuring

Bending Tubing – ProTools Instructions

4-Link Tech – Measurements & Material

Suspension Joints


SAS Front Spring Comparison

Various Coil Spring Rates

Ford Ranger Sway Bars

Monster Suspension Evolution

Ford Wheelbase Chart

Exploded Views

4X4 Front Suspension

4X4 Front Suspension (Small)

2WD Front Suspension

1998+ Front Assembly


Coil Spring Rate Calculator

RTI Ramp Calculator