(Vehicle Certification label on drivers door)

Ford Ranger spring codes are listed as a 2-part code. The first part identifies the front spring/torsion bar code. The second part identifies the rear spring code.

Front Torsion Bar Codes

(RH = Passenger Side / LH = Driver Side)

1 – F67A-5B326-FA (RH)

1 – F67A-5B327-FA (LH)

1 – F67Z-5B326-FA (RH)

1 – F67Z-5B326-FB (LH)

B – F57A-5B326-BC (RH)

B – F57A-5B327-BC (LH)

B – F57Z-5B326-A (RH)

B – F57Z-5B327-A (LH)

F – F57A-5B326-FC (RH)

F – F57A-5B327-FC (LH)

Rear Spring Codes

3 – 4L54-5560-DA (Leaf)

33 – 4L54-5560-DA (leaf)

C – 3L54-5560-PB (Leaf)

CC – 4L54-5560-GA (leaf)

K – 4L54-5560-EZ (Leaf)

KK – 4L54-5560-EA (leaf)

Torsion Bar Sticker / Stamping:

The torsion bars have a sticker on them

And are stamped on the end. This is a ‘F’ code torsion bar

Torsion bars – Measure the diameter:

(Torsion bar code / approximate bar diameter)

1 / 1.09 inch (strongest)

B / 1.06 inch (mid level)

F / 1.03 inch (weakest)


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