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Interior Cleaning

Interior Painting

Custom Interior Pieces

83-88 & 89-92 Door Interchange Guide

Compass / Temperature Mirror Install

Explorer Overhead Console & Lighted Visors

’89-’94 Dash Install Into ’83-’88 Ranger

New Carpet Installation

Windows & Locks Install

Installing Keyless Entry

Triple Bulb Dome Light Upgrade

Recovering Your Headliner

Wet Floor Boards – Finding The Leak


Lighted Visor Mirrors

Floppy Visor Fix

Sun Visor Swap

Sun Visor Upgrade


Ford Ranger Seat Swap

60/40 Split Bench Converted To Buckets

Center Console:

A Guide To Center Consoles

Ranger Center Console Fix

How To Remove The Center (Short) Console

Explorer Short Center Console Install

1995-2001 Explorer Long Center Console Removal / Install

1995-2001 Explorer Long Center Console Install

2002-2005 Ford Explorer Center Console Removal

1995-2001 Ford Explorer Information Center

1995-2001 Explorer Information Center Installation (.pdf)

1998 Ford Explorer Message Center Pinouts

Fiberglass Center Console Build

Truck Audio:

What Fits Your Ranger

Radio Wiring Diagrams

Stereo/CD Install

Double Din Radio Install

1988 Ranger Stereo Install

Aftermarket Speaker Install

New Stereo / No Sound / Factory Amplifier

Infinity Subwoofer

Probox Loaded Universal Enclosure

CB Antenna Installation & Tuning

Speedometer, Tach & Cruise Control:

How Speedometers Work

Checking Speedometer After Tire Size Change

Speedometer Correction – Changing The Speedo Gear

Wiring a 4.0L to a 1983-1988 Dash

1983-1988 Ford Ranger Speedometer Head Replacement

1983-1986 Gauge Cluster With Tachometer Swap

Tachometer Install

Ford Ranger Odometer Gear Replacement

Odometer Worm Gear Replacement

Odometer Worm Gear Replacement #2

Odometer Gauge Swap

Installing Cruise Control

Ford Ranger Red Gauge Needles – How To

Adjust / Repair Instrument Cluster Gear Indicator

Add Cruise Control To Your Ford Ranger

Electrical – Gauges & Misc:

Ford Ranger Red Gauge Needles – How To

How To Replace Instrument Cluster Light Bulbs

Variable Oil Pressure Gauge Modification

Troubleshooting Your Ford Fuel Gauge

1995+ Gauge Cluster Removal

Installing A Tripminder (MPG Display)

Instrument Cluster Wires

Selecting The Proper Wire Size

Intermittent Windshield Wiper Fix

Door Contact Pin

Factory Power Doors

Wire Defined By Color (1983-1991)

Properly Wiring Accessories

Ford Electrical Connector Identification


1983-1992 Fuse Box Diagrams & Checking Fuses

1993-1997 Fuse Box Diagrams & Checking Fuses

1998-2000 Fuse Box Diagrams & Checking Fuses

2001-2003 Fuse Box Diagrams & Checking Fuses

2004-2011 Fuse Box Diagrams & Checking Fuses


Check Speedometer After Tire Change



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