Have you cranked the torsion bars of your Ford Ranger, and now need some new shocks?

Below is a chart showing the compressed and extended lengths of stock replacement shocks, along with the dimensions for Superlifts 4-inch replacement.

The last shock listed is Rancho’s RS5374. These shocks are 0.65″ – 0.90″ longer when compressed, and 1.03″ – 1.41″ longer when extended than stock. They are 1.63″ shorter extended than Superlift’s 4″ lift shock which makes them idea for up to a 1.50″ torsion crank.


Shock Compressed Length Extended Length
Rancho OE replacement 13.75″ 18.25″
Monroe OE replacement 13.50″ 17.87″
Superlift 4″ shocks 14.91″ 20.91″
Rancho RS5374 14.40″ 19.28″


Want a Rancho shock kit for your 1998+ Ranger with a torsion crank?

Or just need front shocks?

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