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Forum member ‘Yotaismygame’ set out to turn this Yellow 1995 Ford Ranger Splash that he calls ‘Big Bird’ into a truck that could handle a Pro Tour / Autocross track and move down it fast.

To do so he removed the front suspension and cross member and mounted a AJE K-Member kit for a 1983-1997 Ford Ranger.

This new kit allowed him to use QA1 single adjustable coilover shocks with 350lb springs, Sn95 spindles, and Cobra brakes. The 1998 spindles gave the Ranger a wider track width. It also made it easier to swap in a Chevy LS V8.

The 5.3L LS motor features a Borg Warner S366 High-Performance Turbo capable of 800 horsepower. Tuning is handled by a Holley Terminator X Max. The engine uses a Speedmaster LS1 LS6 Ram Air intake with a truck throttle body. The truck also uses a LSXinnovations alternator mount and manual belt tensioner. The engine makes 572hp / 586tq at 14psi of boost.

The owner did all of the turbo, intake, and exhaust work with a TIG welder. The downpipe is 3.5-inches going into a 3-inch exhaust. It started out with a Borla Muffler but now just uses a resonator.

A TREMEC TKX 5-speed manual transmission sends the power to a Ford Explorer 31-spline 8.8-inch rear axle with 3.55 gears and a Yukon posi differential.

The rear suspension consists of a 3-link with a pan hard bar and Q1A coilovers with 175lb springs.

The wheels are ESR ET15 17×10 wheels wrapped in 295/40/18 Falkin AZENIS RT615K tires. 1-inch spacers ended up being used to keep the tires from rubbing the struts.

The brakes are a complete front and rear setup from a 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra. It includes the calipers, drilled / slotted rotors, Cobra master cylinder (still uses the Ford Ranger booster), Willwood proportioning valve, and even has the parking brake hand lever instead of the stock parking brake pedal.

Steering consists of a Saturn Vue electric power steering connected to the Ford Ranger Column steering column and a manual rack.

The factory fuel tank was replaced with a 15-gallon fuel cell mounted between the rear frame rails.

The body received 2.75-inch metal fender flares to cover the wide tires.

Oh ya, we can’t forget the Big Bird headliner. LOL


You can see more photo and details about this build at AJE Ranger K-Member Who’s Done It!?

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