Ford P/N F57Z5B328B

Don’t feel like your 2008-2011 Ford Ranger 4×4 sits high enough?

Have you noticed that it sits lower than the 1998-2007 Ford Ranger 4×4?

In 2008, Ford switched to a different torsion key (Ford calls them ‘adjusters’) to lower the truck for improved handling and MPG. In addition to the different keys in the front, Ford also used a 1.5-Inch lift block in the rear, instead of the 1998-2007 2.5-Inch block. 

The ‘Pre-Key Mod’ consists of taking a set of torsion keys from a 1998-2007 Ford Ranger 4×4, and installing them in to a 2008-2011 Ford Ranger 4×4 to gain 1.75-2.00 inches of lift. You then use the earlier (1998-2007) rear axle lift block, or a longer set of rear shackles (Belltech 6400) to raise the rear.

Make sure you have the vehicle re-aligned after changing out the torsion keys.

Ford P/N Description
F57Z5B328B 1998-2007 Torsion Bar Key (Adjuster)
8L5Z5B328A 2008-2011 Torsion Bar Key (Adjuster)


Want information on removing the torsion bar key (adjuster), click HERE.


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