Replacing the axle pivot bushings on the Ford TTB axle beam can be a real chore for some people. Some people even think the only way to get it out is to burn it out with a torch. It really isn’t that difficult.

These photos show doing it to a Dana 28 from a 4×4 Ford Ranger / Bronco II, but the same idea will work on the Dana 35 TTB, Dana 44 TTB, and Dana 50 TTB.

On the backside of the beam, you will see where the bushing goes through the beam and mushrooms out a little

Drive in that edge with a punch or chisel.

Note that there isn’t any solid surface on the back of the bushing to hammer it through. You can try, but the rubber will absorb all of the force.

Once you have the back edge of the bushing driven in, use a chisel to get behind the lip on the front side of the bushing, and then drive it out.

With a little patience, it should come right out.

Now you can install the new bushing:

Use a ball joint maintenance tool (unless you have a press) to install the new bushing through the front of the axle beam.

And you’re done.


Don’t try to drive the bushing out of the front of the beam without first doing the backside as described above.

If you do, this is what you’ll end up with. It’s beat to heck and not budging. You can go back and do the backside, but there is little surface to try and push the bushing through. You can’t beat on it with a hammer, because the rubber will just absorb all of the impact.

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