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Dana 28 / Dana 35

Axle Fluid Check & Change & Fill

Dana 28 / 35 TTB (And Hybrid) (1983-1997)

Dana 35 SLA (1998-2011 Ranger) (1995-2001 Explorer)

Replacing Excluder Dust Seal On Dana 35 SLA Axle

Replacing A Dana 35 SLA CV Axle Shaft

Dana 28 & 35 Rebuild

Dana 28 to Dana 35 Swap

Beefing Up The Ford Ranger Dana 35 TTB

Dana 35 TTB Cut And Turn: Why & How

Dana 35 U-Joint Upgrade

Dana 44 Knuckle & Locking Hub Swap on a Dana 35

C-Clip Eliminator

C-Clip Eliminator (External)

Spindle Bearings

Replace Pinion Seal

Dana Advantek Axles

Dana Advantek Axles – 2019 Ford Ranger

Ford 7.5 / 8.8

Axle Fluids

7.5 & 8.8 Rear Axles Spec & ID

Explorer 8.8-Inch Swap

Explorer 8.8-Inch Swap – No Welding

How To Spot A 31-Spline FX4 8.8-Inch Axle

FX4 8.8-Inch Axle Swap

Full Floating Axles For 8.8’s

Superior Axle Super 88

Explorer 8.8 Axle Yukon Ultimate 88 Kit 

Axle Seal Replacement

Rear Axle Shaft Seal Replacement

Replace Pinion Seal

Installing A PML Diff Cover

Broken Cross Pin Retaining Bolt

Rear Axle C-Clip Eliminators

Ford 9-Inch

Ford 9-Inch Information

Solid Front Axle Swaps

James Duff Dana 44 Axle Swap 

Dana 44 Swap W/Front Leafs

Dana 44 Swap On A ’93 Ranger

Dana 44 Swap On A Bronco II

Solid Axle Swap

Various Coil Spring Rates

Dana 30

The Jeep Dana 30

The Ford Dana Super 30

Dana 44

Dana 44 TTB

Dana 44 TTB Maintenance Manual

Dana 44 Solid Front Axle

The Early Bronco Dana 44 Axle 

Dana 44 TTB Conversion Faq’s 

Dana 44 TTB Conversion

James Duff Dana 44 Axle Swap

Dana 44 Swap W/Front Leafs

Dana 44 Swap On A ’93 Ranger

Dana 44 Swap On A Bronco II

Solid Axle Swap

Narrowing A Dana 44

Dana 44 Knuckle – Locking Hub Conversion

Dana 60

Front D-60 Identification (Bible)

Exploded Views

Dana 28 TTB Exploded View & Part #s(.pdf)

Dana 35 TTB Exploded View & Part #s(.pdf)

Dana 28/35 Service Parts

Dana 35 Exploded View

1999 Dana 35 Service Parts

Front Axle (Passenger)

Front Axle (Driver)

Rear Axle

Locking Hub Assembly


Locking Hubs

Hub Troubleshooting

1999-2000 Locking Hub Operation & Troubleshooting

Auto to Manual Hub Swap – 1

Ranger Manual Hub Swap – 2

Warn Jeep Hub Swap For Dana 35’s

BlackBII’s Dana 35 Spindle Nut Mod 

Dana 35 Jeep Locknut Upgrade

Warn Dana 35 Locknut Conversion

1998-2000 Vacuum Hub – Live Axle Swap

Troubleshoot/Fix Your 1998-2000 PVH Hubs

Manual Hub Bearing Replacement

Securing Your Hubs To The Rotors

Permanently Lock Your ’98-’00 Vacuum Operated Hubs

1998-2000 Hub Bearing Replacement

Rugged Ridge Hub Upgrade For Vacuum Hubs

Manual Hub Conversion For 2001-Up Ford Ranger

Dana 44 Knuckle – Locking Hub Conversion

 Axles – Misc

Axle Tags & Door Codes

Axle Guide For All Trucks

How To Identify A Dana Axle

Axle Weights

Universal Joints!

Broken Cross Pin Retaining Bolt

Rear Axle C-Clip Eliminators

Pinion Angles

Gears & Lockers

How To Pick A Differential For Your Ranger

Tire & Gear Chart

TRS-2 Gear & Locker Install

8.8 Ring Gear Install

Differential & Gears Installation

Ring & Pinion Set-up Specifications

Yukon Gear Install Instructions

Setting Backlash In A Rear Axle

Installing A Front Locker / Dana 35 TTB

Rebuilding A Traction Lock

Understanding Differentials & Lockers

Lock Right Locker Installation #1

Lock Right Locker Installation #2

Lock Right Locker Instructions (.pdf)

Differentials For Dummies!

Ford 7.5 LockRight Install


Gears Needed After Tire Change

Ring And Pinion Calculator

Actual Speed From Gear Ratio Change

Determine Final Crawl Ratio