This page is a collection of axle weights.  This information is more valuable to people doing custom vehicle builds who want to know the axle weights.  It’s also useful to those wishing to buy, sell or ship axles.  Please feel free to contact us if you have more axle weight information.

Dana Axles
Model Weight Notes
Dana 28 45lbs Center section only –  Hub to hub with brakes – 220lbs
Dana 35 44lbs Center section only
Dana 35 (Jeep) 127lbs
Dana 44 Front (full sized) 158lbs
Dana 44 Rear (full sized) 140lbs
Dana 60 Semi-Float 210lbs
Dana 60 Full-Float 260lbs
Dana 60 Front 305lbs
Dana 70 270lbs
Dana 70HD 280lbs
Ford Axles
Model Weight Notes
7.5 – Inch 130lbs
8.8-Inch (full size) 167lbs
8.8-Inch (Ranger type) 146lbs
9-Inch 245lbs
9.75-Inch 228lbs
10.25-Inch 310lbs
10.50-Inch 333lbs
Model Weight Notes
14-Bolt 558lbs With brakes
Model Weight Notes
2.5 Military Front 670lbs Drum & backing plates add 160lbs
2.5 Military Rear 500lbs Drum & backing plates add 160lbs

Special thanks to Jim Allen (Author) for contributing some of the information on this page. 

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