By: pjtoledo

Comparing (2) Ford 8.8-Inch axles:

  • 2010 28-spline Ford 8.8-Inch big bearing from a 2WD regular cab with a 2.3L automatic
  • 2004 28-spline Ford 8.8-Inch small bearing

Both are open differentials.

The 2010 differential does not have a tone ring at the ring gear.

For 2010, if you find a big bearing, it isn’t necessarily a 31-spline. I don’t know what a 2010 4WD has.

Comparing a 2004 8.8 28 spline small bearing drum vs 2010 8.8 28-spline big bearing disk (below). Note the ends are very different, and the 2010 has no hole for ring gear tone ring. The 2010 is 1/2″ narrower. 57-1/2″ flange to flange. When you put the disks on it’s 58-1/4″ between wheel mount surfaces.

Above: The 2004 axle has the ABS sensor on differential. The 2010 axle has a tone ring at each wheel. The unused hole in the 2010 axle does not line up where a tone ring would be.

Center of 2010 disk measures 3/8″ thick.

Above: The center thickness of the disks is freakin’ huge at 3/8″. They are approx 1/4″ thicker than drums. So, put the thick disks on the narrow 2010, and it equals the same width (track width) of the 2004 with drums.

The 2010 disks are 11-9/16″ diameter, 3/4″ thick, and vented. That’s a lot of brake power for a regular cab 2WD.

How I measured overall width, the cross pin is inserted between shafts:

Comparing the widths. The blue tape is where the bearing rides, that’s the 2010 axle

Above: The 2004 width measures 58″. The 2010 (with tone ring) width measures 57-1/2″. The 2010 is 1/2″ narrower than the 2004 to compensate for the added width of the disc brakes (2010-2011).

2010 short side axle

2004 short side axle shaft at 27-3/16″

2010 long side axle shaft.

2004 long side axle shaft at 30-1/16″. It’s about 1/4″ longer than the 2010 long side axle shaft at 29-13/16″.

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