Dana 28 Spindle Bearing & Seals

Dana 35 Spindle Bearing & Seals

The spindle bearing is often overlooked and needs to be inspected when doing any wheel bearing maintenance. Especially in an off-road truck.

Removing the Wheels, Hubs & Spindles:

1) Loosen the front wheel lug nuts.

2) Raise and safely support the front of the vehicle.

3) Remove the lug nuts and wheel/tire assembly.

4) If equipped, remove the lug nut retainer washers from the wheel studs.

5) Remove the manual locking hub assembly from the rotor by pulling straight outward.

6) Remove the disc brake calipers and support the caliper on the vehicle’s frame rail. Remove the front brake calipers by removing the caliper retaining pin and slide off the caliper. You will probably have to remove the pin by squeezing it with pliers to fit in the groove, and then driving it out with a punch and a hammer. Hang the caliper out of the way with wire to avoid any strain on the brake line.

7) Remove the locking hubs, wheel bearings & locknuts:

A) Remove the retaining washers from the wheel stubs and remove the locking hub.

B) Remove the snap ring, axle shaft spacer, and bearing spacer.

C) Remove the lock nut with a 4 prong hub tool.

D) Remove the inner wheel bearing lock nut and wheel bearing.

8) Remove the nuts retaining the spindle to the steering knuckle. Tap the spindle with a plastic or rawhide hammer to jar the spindle from the knuckle.

Replacing The Spindle Bearing:

1) Place the spindle in a vise on the second step of the spindle. Wrap a shop towel around the spindle or use a brass-jawed vise to protect the spindle.

2) Remove the oil seal and needle bearing from the spindle with a slide hammer and seal remover tool, 1175-AC or equivalent.

3) Clean all dirt and grease from the spindle bearing bore. Bearing bore must be free from nicks and burrs.

4) Place the bearing in the bore with the manufacturer’s identification facing outward. Drive the bearing into the bore using spindle bearing replacer tool, T83T-3123-A and drive handle T80T-4000-W or equivalent.

5) Install the grease seal in the bearing bore with the lip side of the seal facing towards the tool. Drive the seal in the bore using spindle bearing replacer tool, T83T-3123-A and drive handle T80T-4000-W or equivalent. Coat the bearing seal lip with Multi-Purpose Long Life Lubricant C1AZ-19590-B or equivalent.

Reinstalling Everything:

1) Install the front disc brake rotor shield, spindle and retaining nuts. Tighten the spindle nuts from 35-45 ft-lbs.

2) Install the front brake rotors, bearings (make sure the bearings are greased and in good condition), locknuts, inner shaft spacer (looks like a splined thin washer) and snap ring.

3) Install the hubs.

5) Install the brake caliper and retaining pin

6) Install the wheel assembly.

7) Lower the vehicle. Tighten the lug nuts to specification.

Part Numbers:

Manufacturer Dana 28 Dana 35 Notes
Napa BRGBK4 – – – Bearing & Seal Kit
Napa  – – – PGBPB2110 Bearing
Timken SCE148 B2110 Bearing
Timken SBK2  – – – Bearing & Seal Kit; Front Axle, 4WD; Dana/Spicer 28IFS Axle; Opt. Kit = Brg SCE148, Seal 8314S 
Timken  – – – SBK4 Bearing & Seal Kit; Front Axle, 4WD; Dana/Spicer 35IFS Axle; Opt. Kit = Brg B2110, Seals 722108 & 722109, & Ring

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