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Forum member ‘XLTsplash’ got his name from the 1997 Ford Ranger XLT (shown below) that he built and added Ford Ranger Splash parts to.

He sold that truck but missed having a Ford Ranger. Then one day a co-worker showed up to work in a 2WD 1992 Ford Ranger XLT with a 2.3L and 5-speed manual transmission. It was just the truck that XLTsplash had been looking for. He talked to his co-worker and managed to strike a deal on the Ranger for $2,000. I guess there’s no cure for the Ford Ranger addiction once it gets in your blood.

The Ranger needed some attention, so XLTsplash has done the following work to it:

  • Rebuilt the engine (The oil pickup screen was 70% clogged and there was a crack in the head on #1 cylinder between the valves)
  • Replaced all of the plastic vacuum lines with silicone hose
  • Replaced the restrictive air silencer that goes from 3-inches down to 1-1/2 inches with an aluminum 3-inch pipe and blue silicone elbow
  • Upgraded the radiator from plastic / aluminum to a polished aluminum radiator
  • Installed a Dynomax cat back exhaust
  • Replaced the catalytic converter
  • Installed new American Racing wheels and Mastercraft Avenger G/T tires
  • Replaced the shocks
  • Sanded, primed, and painted the bed rails and inside of the bed
  • Buffed / polished the remaining paint
  • Added slotted taillight covers
  • The Ranger tailgate letters are for a 2019 Ford Ranger
  • Installed a new grill from LMC truck and painted the silver sections black
  • Replaced the headlights (with LED daytime running lights) and turn signals
  • Converted the cargo light into a LED 3rd brake light
  • Changed the red/gray fade stripe to red and blue
  • Added new Ranger XLT emblems with red, white and blue XLT
  • Added new mirrors
  • Repainted the trim
  • Painted the front air dam body color and installed a new bedliner and toolbox
  • Added new wheel lip moldings
  • Added rear window louvers
  • Installed a NOS rear bumper plastic cap
  • Installed a new armrest on the driver’s door
  • Replaced the instrument cluster with one with a tachometer
  • Installed a Hurst shifter
  • Replaced the sun visor
  • Replaced the dash cover
  • Replaced the 6X9 speakers someone installed in the rear with new 6X8 speakers and stock speaker grilles for a cleaner look
  • Installed blue tweed fabric and vinyl seat upholstery from Rock Auto
  • Installed a new carpet

The forum members here liked the work he did so much that they voted him June 2024 Truck of The Month.

LMC Truck liked the Ranger so much that they put it on the front of their catalog and did a feature article on it.

For automotive enthusiasts, vehicles are forms of expression, and sometimes even art. They always seem to be evolving. More than likely this Ranger will go through more changes as time goes on.

For more photos, information, and to follow this build, check out ‘I’m back with another Ranger‘.

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