Ford Ranger Raptor Assault School

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Starting in June 2024, Ford Ranger Raptor owners can sign up to attend the ‘Ranger Raptor Assault School‘ in Tooele Valley, Utah. According to Ford, the curriculum, developed with Ford Performance engineering input, includes a variety of challenging terrains and maneuvers to build knowledge, confidence and off-road skills. These include rock crawling and Baja runs, climbing, side hilling, descending and braking.

“Our goal is for owners, whether novices or off-road veterans, to experience the full capability of Ranger Raptor and get a true understanding of the passion and attention to detail that Ford engineers put into developing it,” said Will Ford, Ford Performance general manager.

Ford Performance Racing School is known for its friendly, knowledgeable and highly skilled instructors whose goal is to help elevate the skill and confidence of all drivers. Participants will receive both classroom instruction and off-road lessons, which include how to observe Tread Lightly principles to promote responsible off-road driving.

Ford Performance Racing School will provide Ranger Raptor trucks and safety gear. Participants are only responsible for their travel and lodging expenses; meals are provided.

(Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo  Texas)

I’ve had the opportunity to attend the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo which from what I can see, is a far superior program than the Ranger Raptor Assault School. If you want to drive fast down dirt roads in the desert, then the Raptor Assault School is for you. If you want to do more off-roading, then I guess you were supposed to by a Bronco. I don’t know.

I was at the Best In The Desert (BITD) Terrible’s 250 desert race in Primm Nevada in 2009 when Ford brought out the Raptor for people to see and take a test ride in. The Raptor has always been viewed as a factory desert truck that anyone can buy. But I suspect that the new Ranger Raptor is going to see more time off-roading than speeding across the desert. And when I say off-roading, I mean climbing rocks, crossing streams, driving through mud and finding itself in a lot of off-camber and challenging situations. I would rather see Ford change the Bronco Off-Roadeo to a ‘Ford Performance Off-Roadeo’ and allow the Bronco, Ranger, and Ranger Raptor to attend. It’s bizarre to me that Ford sees the Bronco as an off-road vehicle, the Raptor as a desert vehicle, and I don’t know what the Ranger FX4 and Tremor is to them. But I bet there’s more Rangers off-roading than Broncos.

Don’t get me wrong. I think there’s things to be learned and gained from the Ranger Raptor Assault School, but I’d rather off-road the Ranger Raptor at the Bronco Off-Roadeo at Grey Wolf Ranch in Texas.


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