By RangerBlue2011

The Ranger uses nice, simple sun visors that get the job done. However, it was brought to my attention that there is no passenger vanity mirror! For those of us who don’t want to get a small mirror and use elastic bands to secure it to the sun visor, there is salvation! Ford Explorers used the same mounting design as the Ranger and so the swap is a direct replacement. In junkyard hunting, just look for Explorers that happen to use the same 3 screw mounting bracket. Simply look at what is already in your Ranger and get the sun visor that looks like it has the same bracket.

*The Explorer sun visor may catch a little bit on the plastic trim by your door frame. It isn’t anything devastating for me but be aware this is a possibility.

*The Explorer sun visor is also lighted. I won’t be covering how to wire in those as it wasn’t important for me at the time. I take no liability for any electrical work you do and damage you may do to yourself or your property! (Or any work for that matter!)


Explorer sun visor – You will need both the sun visor and the small clip towards the centerline of the roof.

Philips head screwdriver

*You can reuse the screws from your sun visor but if you don’t have screws, you will need 4 of them.


First, remove the 3 screws by the A pillar that hold the sun visor in. Then remove the single screw holding the clip in. Both the sun visor and clip need to be removed.

This is what you’ll be installing…

Install the Explorer sun visor in the reverse of how you removed the Ranger sun visor. Install 3 screws and then the single screw for the clip.

Complete! Now you have sun visors that have mirrors! Not to mention the fact that they are double visors…


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