Pro Street 1983 Ford Ranger

From the pictures it looks like this 1983 Ford Ranger got parked in a storage locker in the 1990’s, and has just seen the light of day. Custom cars and trucks of the 1990’s had wild paint jobs, and the ‘Pro-Street’ trend involved narrowed 9-inch rear axles, wheel tubs, and fat tires.

The owner of this truck calls this a ‘Pro-Street’ pick-up. They may have missed some on the fat rear tire look, but it’s definitely cool.

This Ranger has been modified with a fuel injected 302 V8 and a automatic overdrive transmission swap.  The engine and transmission are from a 1990 Lincoln along with the computer and wiring.  This was a 1990’s build, with low miles and is pure stock.  No loud mufflers, no cam upgrade…Pure stock.  This truck has a narrowed Ford rear end with 3.55 gears, coil overs, and a ladder bar suspension.

In addition to the custom paint, it has shaved door handles with electric door poppers. It even has working Air conditioning.

This is NOT a race truck and it wasn’t built to be. This is a cruiser to have fun in.

I’d swap in a new camshaft and some Flowmaster mufflers to at least make it sound like the hot rod it’s trying to look like, and then have fun driving and showing it.

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