Banner Across North America (Alaska-Florida) Part-3

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Part 3:

In our last article, forum member SVTDeweese had taken possession of the banner on March 1st 2014, and took it to Joplin Missouri. 

You can read that article by clicking HERE.


On March 1st, SVTDeweese and brithunsicker met up with dieseldane to sign the banner. SVTDeweese took possession of the banner, and took it to Joplin Missouri.


On March 5th, SVTDeweese met with mechanicsrule1, and passed the banner off to him.


On March 9th, mechanicsrule1 met up with forum members ‘getoffroad’, ‘acole86’, and ‘insanejughead’ for the Springfield Missouri banner meet and sign.


On March 9th, mechanicsrule1 gave the banner to forum member ‘acole86’.

The banner at acole86’s place in Missouri


On March 29th, the banner was passed off to ‘RangerSVT’ is St Louis Missouri. ‘hoosier1104’ was also there to sign it.


On March 30th, RangerSVT posted:


Well, just got back to the house. 5 member siggies, 15.5 hours, 742.5 miles logged this trip. Got plenty of pics, but you’ll have to wait til the am. Another hour and a half from now and I’d have been up for a full 24 hours…


Starting mileage……

‘Acole86’, ‘RangerSVT’, and ‘Hoosier1104’. ‘Brandizzle’ is not pictured, but is taking the picture.

Justin (hoosier1104) signing the banner…

Brandi (brandizzle) signing the banner…

RangerSVT signing the banner…

RangerSVT left St Louis, and headed for Evansville, IN to meet up with ‘disciplerocks’.

Dustin (disciplerocks) signing the banner….

From there its off to Madisonville, KY to meet up with John(railman). Here is me (RangerSVT) and John’s (railman) truck….

Wait, Where’s John? Actually, he had a family emergency and left out of state late last night. So, at least his truck was part of the banner….kind of.

From there its off to Murfreesboro TN, just outside Nashville to meet up with Allen (B2Addict). By this time, its about 9pm, so the pics got a little dark in the background…

Allen (B2Addict) signing the banner…

By this time I headed back home to Dover, TN. I wanted to get at least one more member to sign it today, but time ran short. Here’s my mileage for today…

And since NO ONE EVER looks on the back of the banner, Jim left us a little note that I thought I should share…

RangerSVT’s Ranger


April 6th, RangerSVT added another 58 miles to the odometer, 801 total. RangerSVT said it was good to meet Luke (senornoob) and to put another face to a screen name…


On April 6th, RangerSVT reported that as of 4:00 PM today, the banner was been passed onto forum member Ben (4.0B2). 

RangerSVT on the left, Ben (4.0B2) on the right….

4.0B2 signed the banner, his grease monkey on the far left….

RangerSVT arrived back home with this on the clock…

The banner traveled precisely 1,058 miles with RangerSVT.

The banner is now in Walls Mississippi with 4.0B2.


On April 10th, 4.0B2 posted some photos of the banner with his Bronco II.

4.0B2’s Ford Bronco II


On April 27th, 4.0B2 met with forum member ‘doorgunner’ (he’s been anxiously waiting to get his hands on it….) at Enid Lake in Mississippi.

Doorgunner’s mileage as he set out to meet up with 4.0B2

At Enid Lake in Mississippi


4.0B2 and doorgunner

doorgunner signing the banner

doorgunner happy to have the banner. Or as he said “IT’S MINE…..ALL MINE……(hmmmmmmmmmm……smells a little bit like smoked salmon)….”

Ending mileage back home. 616 miles.


On May 10th, doorgunner header for Orange Texas to meet up with forum member ‘AgPete139’

Crossing the Mississippi.

Made it to Texas

AgPete139 and doorgunner

AgPete139 amazed at all the sigs from Alaska/Canada……..

(AgPete139 accidentally signed it 06/10/2014 instead of 05/10/2014)

AgPete139 took the banner home to Houston Texas.


On May 11th, AgPete139 set out with the banner to meet up with some members. (less than 26 hours since leaving doorgunner).

Forum member ‘BeauKnowz’ with the banner

The Sign house

Then met ‘Ab_Slack’ in Brenham (home of Blue Bell Ice Cream) in front of a Blue Bell shop just down the street, 1.5 hours away:

And finally zipped over to Luling, which is another 1.75 hours away towards San Antonio to meet with ‘Lil-Pony’.

The banner was then left with Lil-Pony to continue the adventure.


On May 16th, Lil-Pony passed the banner on to forum member ‘simkin’.

Lil-Pony left, and ‘simkin’ right


On May 28th, simkins met with forum member ‘MastuhWaffles’ and gave him the banner.

MastuhWaffles Ford Ranger

Going through Dallas Texas

MastuhWaffles ended up with this banner until January 29th, 2015.


On January 29th forum member ‘ab_slack’ rescued the banner and took it to Ft. Worth.


On January 31st, ab_slack met with RangerSVT in Tennessee and gave him the banner. ab_slack’s journey with the banner covered 800 miles. If you recall, a_slack and RangerSVT have already had it once before on this adventure.

Meeting up with Andrea (ab_slack) for the handoff…

Brandi (brandizzle) signing again…

Rick (RangerSVT) signing again…

After receiving the banner, RangerSVT stopped in his travels to let forum member ‘railman’ sign it.

John (railman) signing…


On February 7th, RangerSVT met with forum member ‘JoshT’, and handed off the banner.

JoshT signing the banner

RangerSVT and JoshT

The banner has made it to Macon Georgia with JoshT.


On April 17th, JoshT handed the banner off to forum member ‘frankenstein95’. frankenstein95 will be taking the banner on to Florida.

It’s almost there!!

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