Hazard Can Be A Good Thing!

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TRS Fall Round-Up 2003

By Jim Oaks

Can a Hazard be a good thing?  It can when your wheeling in Hazard Kentucky!  We made our yearly trip back down to Hazard Kentucky October 17-19, 2003.  We finally got to the point where we can have a fun filled weekend in Kentucky without having to work on building trails.  Sparkz now has a few miles of trails in and the wheeling is excellent.  There is a short loop and long loop both with side trails along the way.  There is a good day of wheeling to be had for the off-road enthusiast and we have some things lined up to make 2004 even better!

Here are (21) photos for you to take a look at.  Enjoy!  Hopefully you’ll be in these photos next year.

See ya in 2004!

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