2022 Fall Off-Road Round-Up Attica Indiana

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On Thursday September 8th I set out on the 868 mile journey to the Badlands Offroad Park in Attica, Indiana to host the TRS 2022 Fall Off-Road Round-Up. I have to leave on Thursday to get there by Friday afternoon. Hauling my TRS-2 Ford Ranger on a 18-foot trailer behind my 2016 Ford F-150 means that I need to stop for fuel far more times than I would like.

When I arrived on Friday I set up camp, cooked some dinner, and socialized with the other TRS forum members that had arrived. I always enjoy these gatherings because it gives me a chance to talk to people face to face instead of just messaging them online.

Saturday morning started with breakfast, and then everyone loading up their vehicles and getting ready to head out on the trail. Once a GMRS radio channel was chosen we headed in to the offroad park.

This years gathering was attended by:

  • Jim Oaks & Laura
  • ericbphoto
  • 85_ranger4x4
  • Mrs Eighty Five
  • Mrs Eighty Five’s Father
  • Mattman347
  • Bobbywalter
  • Lil Bob
  • snoranger
  • Uncle Gump
  • 97RangerXLT

It was great seeing Mattman347 and his son in his Ford Ranger based buggy. I haven’t seen and wheeled with Matt in about 20-years. His buggy uses a Ford Ranger frame, dash, and 4.0L V6 engine. Those huge tires allowed Matt to drive over anything he wanted to.

Bobbywalter and Lil Bob were back this year with the Bronco II and didn’t roll it over this time.

85_ranger4x4 and Mrs Eighty Five brought out their brand new Ford Bronco, and didn’t hesitate to put some trail miles on it.

They had their 1985 Ford Ranger out on the trail as well.

ericbphoto never hesitates to push his Ford Ranger to the limits and managed to get it hung up on some rocks.

A little rock stacking and a pull with a Buddy Rope got it unstuck.

I of course had my own fun with the TRS-2 Ford Ranger. I’ve never ran anything larger than a 33-inch tire on this truck, and it’s always managed to handle every obstacle that I’ve put in front of it.

Saturday evening we returned to the campground where Uncle Gump made some fresh campfire pizza.

Saturday night and Sunday morning was met with scattered rain showers. Sunday morning we picked up, loaded up, and made the long trip home.

I’ve really enjoyed these trips to the Badlands Offroad Park, but probably won’t return anytime soon. It’s a long trip from Texas, and I’m looking to find an event that we can get more people to participate in.

I appreciate all of the people that have attended our gatherings here over the past few years.


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