Looking for a cheap dual battery setup for your Ranger or Bronco II?

There’s a few thing you’ll need:

(2) batteries

Battery cables (some have found it’s cheaper to buy a set of jumper cables and cut the clamps off) – Battery Cables

Battery lugs for your cables (You’ll need these for your cable ends) – Battery Lugs

Battery terminals to connect to the batteries – Battery Terminals

12 gauge wire – 12 Gauge Wire

ANL Fuses & Fuse Holder (1 For Each Battery) – ANL Fuse & Holder

Battery Isolator Relay (Choose One):

Stinger 200 Amp Battery Relay Isolator

PAC PAC-500 500-Amp Battery Isolator Relay

Diagram & Instructions:

Follow the picture above

Find a location to mount the second battery..

Make a short battery wire (4GA-6GA) from your main starting battery (+) positive to a fuse block.

Make another battery wire (4GA-6GA) from your fuse block to the isolator.

Make another battery wire (4GA-6GA) from the other side of your isolator to the other fuse block.

Make a short battery wire (4GA-6GA) from the other fuse block to your other battery (+) positive.

Make a single battery wire (4GA-6GA) from the (-) negative on your starting battery to the (-) negative on your other battery.

Connect a 12GA wire from pin on the isolator to a fuse in your fuse box that is only ‘hot’ when the key is in the ‘ON’ position.

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