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The Upgraded LED Solutions for Turn Signal Lights


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Jul 6, 2023
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Ontario. California
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Ford Ranger
Greetings everyone!
We are thrilled to be part of this forum and share valuable information to enhance your driving experience. At Lasfit, we are committed to prioritizing user satisfaction and improving the lives of vehicle owners. Today, we are excited to introduce our latest product, the T3 series. This innovative solution has been specifically designed to tackle common issues related to turn signal lights.
photo1-lasfit led bulb-T3 series banner.jpg

Increase Safety with Upgraded LED Solutions for Turn Signal Lights

Dim lighting during nighttime or adverse weather conditions can pose a significant danger while driving. The original halogen turn signal lights often suffer from dim and impure yellow lighting, increasing the risk of accidents during turns or lane changes. These accidents are avoidable, and it is essential to prioritize safety on the road.

Challenges faced by general LED bulbs on turn signal lights

Hyper Flash and Dashboard Error

LED bulbs consume less power compared to halogen bulbs, which can result in a lower current flow through the LED lights. This may trigger error messages on the vehicle's dashboard or cause the turn signals to flash at a faster rate than normal (hyperflash). To address this issue, additional decoders are often recommended. However, in some cases, the limited space within the turn signal assembly makes it difficult or impossible to accommodate these bulky external devices.

Lasfit T3 Series: Upgraded LED Solutions for Turn Signals

Lasfit has listened to the concerns and feedback from users regarding flicker and the lifespan of turn signal lights. As a result, we have developed the T3 series, our latest product that addresses these issues and offers enhanced features for a better driving experience.
photo2-lasfit led bulb-T3-7443D  LED bulbs show the amber&white light.jpg

Upgraded Canbus Decode System
Our T3 series incorporates an updated Canbus system that extends the decoding time, effectively eliminating flicker within a short period. Say goodbye to hyper flash concerns when using our turn signal lights.
photo3-lasfit led bulb-T3-7443D 99% vehicles decoding free.jpg

Brighter, Yet Softer
We understand that some customers found our previous T series to be too bright, resulting in potential glare for other drivers. With the T3 series, we have adjusted the brightness appropriately. Featuring 20 high-brightness 3030 light beads, our T3 LEDs provide ample brightness for enhanced safety and visibility. Additionally, the warm amber lighting output ensures there is no glare towards oncoming traffic.
photo4-lasfit led bulbs-T3-7443D 360° full angle illumination.jpg

Advanced Heat Dissipation System for Longevity
Building on our successful T series design, the T3 series LED bulbs feature a ceramic top design, which offers superior heat dissipation compared to traditional aluminum bodies. To further enhance heat management, we have integrated an intelligent IC system and incorporated heat sinks with eight heat emission holes. This allows for prompt and efficient dissipation of any heat generated during operation, ensuring a longer lifespan for the bulbs.
photo5-lasfit led bulbs-T3-7443D 30000H lifespan.jpg

Energy Efficiency of LED Lights
Unlike traditional halogen lights, LED lights consume less energy while producing more lumens. This means that LED lights not only save electricity but also operate with higher efficiency compared to halogen lights. By switching to LED turn signal lights, you can reduce energy waste and contribute to a more sustainable driving experience.

Experience the improvement and reliability of Lasfit T3 series LED turn signal lights. With our built-in decoder, advanced heat dissipation, and optimized brightness, your driving experience will be enhanced and safer than ever before.
You can check all T3 series LED turn signal bulbs on this page: T3 Series

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