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    2024 Upgraded 4th-Gen LSplus Series | BRIGHTEST & STABLEST

    LSplus has always been the brightest and most high-performance series from Lasfit, and in 2024, we upgrade to the 4th-Gen LSplus series. Whether you are starting your day's work in the early morning before sunrise or returning home after a busy day's work late at night, you can choose the 4th...

    Ready, Set Up, Go Roadtrip! Gear Up for Your Summer Adventure

    Hey there, it's Lasfit! Pack your bags and hit the road – we're offering fantastic deals on car accessories, LED bulbs, and off-roading essentials – ready to roll with you! 🚀💨 🚗Nothing beats the thrill of a summer adventure with brand-new gear! Lasfit is offering hefty discounts to upgrade your...

    🎉Love Your Ride, Love the Lights: Claim Your Free Turn Signal Enhancement Now!

    🚗Navigating through the bustling city streets, it alerts pedestrians and nearby vehicles of your turns or lane changes; ✨Driving through the pitch-black night, it ensures your safety during nocturnal journeys; 🚩From illuminating your entries and exits on roundabouts to warning during roadside...

    Unlock Exclusive Offer on T3 LED Turn Signal Lights Now!

    Lasfit received an overwhelming response from Ranger users during last year's invitation program, and we're thrilled to announce that we'll be continuing to offer sponsored opportunities for Ranger owners to upgrade their turn signal lights in 2024! Whether you're still using halogen bulbs or...
  5. Hazards work Turn signals do not.

    I replaced all headlight/taillights with LEDS and the turn signals, then they stopped working, they turn on and still act as hazards but no blinkers I have checked every fuse and even replaced the turn signal stalk and the "relay". Any ideas what to check or do next thank you.

    Spring BLAST! Win up to $200 by Sharing Your Lasfit Air Compressor Experience! 🌿🚗💰

    Ready to make this spring your most exciting one yet? 🌿 Brace yourself for an UNFORGETTABLE outdoor thrill-ride this spring by seizing the Lasfit Air Compressor LAP-TK1! 🚗💨 Purchase your LAP-TK1 and SHARE YOUR INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE on social media! Tag us in your post, drop the product link...

    Understanding the Differences Between 3157 and 3156 Bulbs

    The 3157 and 3156 are two widely used bulbs for turn signals, brake lights, and taillights. Have you ever learned about these two types of lights when you were picking out LED turn signals for your vehicle? Is there still some confusion about the difference between these two? Are you not sure...

    Lasfit LED Light Bars - High-Quality Combo Lense Light Bar For Your Budget

    It is our goal as a company to constantly redefine the quality and service standards of the lighting industry and continually offer our customers the most premium lights you can buy with the same budget. We pursued the same aim with off-road lights. In this thread, we will give a detailed...

    The Upgraded LED Solution for Halogen Headlights

    LAair series, an upgraded version of LED bulbs designed to address common issues faced by vehicle owners. At Lasfit, we are dedicated to providing a comfortable and hassle-free experience with LED lights. We have identified two common challenges in the market - limited installation space and...
  10. LASFIT

    Introducing The New Switchback Rock Lights: A Game-Changer for Off-Road Enthusiasts

    We are excited to announce the launch of our latest product: the Lasfit Switchback Rock Lights. Designed for off-road enthusiasts, these high-performance lights are the perfect addition to any truck, Jeep, or SUV. What sets the Lasfit Switchback Rock Lights apart from other off-road lights is...
  11. LASFIT

    Fog vs. Spot vs. Flood vs. Driving Light: Which Beam Pattern is Best for You? (With Real Case Sharing)

    When you're driving or off-roading at night, the right lights will light up the darkness towards your path and make your adventure more enjoyable! But finding the perfect off-roading lighting is complex, many people will be confused by different beam patterns when buying 3" pod lights, and don't...
  12. LASFIT

    LDplus Switchback LED Fog Light: Your Driving Safety Partner

    There's nothing more frustrating than encountering foggy weather without appropriate lighting conditions. Not only does it compromise your driving experience, but it also makes driving extremely dangerous with poor visibility. As water droplets diffuse light, your vision of the road ahead...
  13. LASFIT

    2024 The Brand-New All-in-One LED Turn Signal Light | Lasfit T3 Series

    The T3 series from Lasfit represents a significant leap forward compared the previous T series. Lasfit T-Series LED bulbs offer high brightness and equipped with a built-in canbus decoder, eliminating the need for additional resistors, plug and play. Many customers have used Lasfit T-Series LED...
  14. LASFIT

    The Upgraded LED Solutions for Turn Signal Lights

    Greetings everyone! We are thrilled to be part of this forum and share valuable information to enhance your driving experience. At Lasfit, we are committed to prioritizing user satisfaction and improving the lives of vehicle owners. Today, we are excited to introduce our latest product, the T3...
  15. sebastian323

    ebay Aftermarket 3rd brakelight/ cargo lights

    Hello all, I am considering buying one of these products: I imagine the LEDs will be much brighter for illuminating the bed, and perhaps the brake light may be brighter as well. Anyone tried them out ? How well do they hold up ?
  16. wiring apush button latching LED switch

    you see these on Ebay a lot a really versatile little switch with a few options for installing
  17. how to wire a 7 Pin winch or accessory switch

    Lots of switches out there do not come with instructions especially if you get them for a bargain this tutorial may help
  18. LED Relay and rocker switch wiring tutorial

    If anyone is trying to wire up some LED off road lights and have questions about the relays or what wires go where on the switches check out these videos its a simple but effective tutorial and makes the electrical work a breeze Rocker switches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFsZgl4fw-U...
  19. Brake Light Blink W/ Turn Signals

    I have a 93 Ranger 3.0L that I have been rebuilding - almost done. Until I noticed that when I turn on a turn signal (either side gives same results), I noticed my tail lights blinking too. Also, the High Brake light on the cab blinks too. A couple of notes: I've replaced all the lights with...
  20. mattging94

    Will LEDs work with the Blinker Mod?

    Calling the electrical gurus on this one: I'm starting to upgrade some of my bulbs to LED on my '03, and I'm curious as to whether or not LED's will work in my front turn/marker lights when I have the "Blinker Mod" done on the corner lights already. I know the blinker mod relies on grounding the...

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