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  1. wiring apush button latching LED switch

    you see these on Ebay a lot a really versatile little switch with a few options for installing
  2. how to wire a 7 Pin winch or accessory switch

    Lots of switches out there do not come with instructions especially if you get them for a bargain this tutorial may help
  3. LED Relay and rocker switch wiring tutorial

    If anyone is trying to wire up some LED off road lights and have questions about the relays or what wires go where on the switches check out these videos its a simple but effective tutorial and makes the electrical work a breeze Rocker switches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFsZgl4fw-U...
  4. Brake Light Blink W/ Turn Signals

    I have a 93 Ranger 3.0L that I have been rebuilding - almost done. Until I noticed that when I turn on a turn signal (either side gives same results), I noticed my tail lights blinking too. Also, the High Brake light on the cab blinks too. A couple of notes: I've replaced all the lights with...
  5. mattging94

    Will LEDs work with the Blinker Mod?

    Calling the electrical gurus on this one: I'm starting to upgrade some of my bulbs to LED on my '03, and I'm curious as to whether or not LED's will work in my front turn/marker lights when I have the "Blinker Mod" done on the corner lights already. I know the blinker mod relies on grounding the...
  6. LED reverse lights!!!!

    Hey guys, in my Ranger I have 5% window tint in all the back windows. At night time, it's extremely hard to see behind me while I'm backing up. I NEED some really bright reverse lights that will make it safer when I'm backing up. Anybody know exactly what I need? The brighter the better. I'm...
  7. LEDs from walmart

    Posted a pic. These L.E.D's are from Wal-Mart lol I used a three way switch that was in the same isle. Easy installation. No cutting stripping crimping etc. Just plug and play. 16.00 and ten minutes of my time and It looks cool. Wish they where a bit brighter but hey you get what you pay for...
  8. Rangurr

    Changing Dash Cluster Color

    I'm looking for information on changing the color of my dash cluster from green to red. I have heard of people using new faceplates but I would like to avoid that if I can. Over on the Exploder forums, however, I did see someone talking about scraping off the factory green tint screen and...
  9. Dofter

    LED Ambient Lighting

    Hey guys! I did some LED lighting in my Ranger and I thought I would share what I have done. First off I ripped up the carpet to wire some of the wires under. Second I found this bunch of wires under the headlight switch and spliced into the lhtblu/red wire (dash lights) and made kind of a...
  10. dome light and glove box bulb size?

    What is the bulb size for the dome light and the glove box light in a 2001 b3000 regular cab? i cant find a straight answer on what size and how many and i want to order the right ones. I know the dome light is a festoon type bulb... im sick of not being able to see anything so im upgrading to LEDs

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