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1992 ford ranger v6 3.0


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May 4, 2012
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So here is the scoop. I have recently got a 1992 Ford Ranger v6 3.0 180,000 miles. I have had a few problems with it but nothing major. I have one problem left, the truck rattles when the clutch is not pushed in, I push the clutch all the way to the floor and the noise stops. I have been researching this problem on the internet and i come up with two different stories. One story is that the throw out bearing is bad. The other story is the input shaft on the transmission is bad. It is not a loud noise but i have a feeling it will be. Can someone please help me specify this? The clutch was replaced about 5,000 miles ago... so i was told, the clutch feels great. Shifting feels great also. Please Help. Now I will try to help someone else. So my truck was idling erratically up then down then up then almost dead then it would jump back up. I checked and cleaned the EGR, Checked and cleaned the IAC, checked and cleaned the MAF. Truck was still idling erratically. I used a jumper wire on the ecc self test under the hood on the passenger firewall. turned the key on not engine on and counted the blinks got code 157 MAF voltage to low. since i already cleaned the MAF i bit the bullet and replaced it for 90.00$.
Runs like a champ.
Thanks in advance

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