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  • I have a 94 B2300 (Calif) , planning to change timing belt. Want to know where the timing mark for Aux sprocket. Some guys told me it doesn't matter. Please advise.
    Is your truck a manual or auto? I'm thinking about a svo mustang with T5 in a bronco II transfer case hookup is in question.What did you use, THANX!
    I got a 93 2.3l that needs some serious loving. Hopefully ill be able to fix her up enough to keep up with all my friends' turbo diesels.
    Dude. You did to your ranger exactly what I want to do to mine, as well as have a second newer ranger and drop a Cummins 4BTA in it.
    hey i saw that your swapping gears? and i was wondering if after u swapped from the 4.10s to the other one if u would wanna sell me those 4.10s?
    any closer on gear swap-there is a guy in bellingham wa with some 4.56 stuff if you are still jammed up i should get these as he seems hungry and i need some gears-?
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