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  1. 1992redranger

    Wanted In search of: 89–92 Ranger, 2.3L 4CYL, 5 speed manual, 2WD

    Hey hey! I got a motor, transmission, and rear end ready to go into a 89-92 Ranger (2.3L 4CYL, 5 speed manual, 2WD). I'm in search of a straight body Ranger (89-92) with these specs with blown engine, bad transmission, etc. Any leads would be much appreciated! Western North Carolina area...
  2. 1992redranger

    What will a 2.3L 4CYL motor, 5 speed manual transmission, 2WD rear end go into?

    Hey y'all, As a result of the flooding earlier this week in Haywood County, NC, the electrical system of my '92 Ranger is done (and so is the truck). My mechanic (who rebuilt the engine) told me that if I wanted to do anything at this point, I could take the motor (2.3L 4CYL), transmission (5...
  3. Will a Lift kit from 1992 ford ranger fit a 1993?

    I have a 1993 ranger. 4.0 4x4 5 speed Ext cab. It needs a transmission. And I found a 1992 ext cab 2.3 4x4 ranger. with the trans I need. But it also has alot of aftermarket stuff for a decent price. My question is what parts do you guys think will fit my truck? I will copy and past his...
  4. Gangwer296

    Totaled ranger

    Well, unfortunately I was rear ended by some kid too busy on his cell phone while I was waiting to turn into my drive way. In my beloved 1992 single cab 2.9 4x4 ranger. Keeping the truck vs letting insurance take the truck was only a 300$ difference so I kept it. I love this damn truck. Now I...
  5. 1992redranger

    2.3L ('83-'97) Need to replace my 1992 Ranger engine: 2.3 L, 4 cylinder, 5-speed, floor shifter

    Hello! It's my first time to the forum :) I need to replace the engine on my newly-acquired 1992 Ford Ranger: 2.3 L, 4 cylinder, 5-speed, floor shifter. When looking for replacement (used) engines, do I have to match all these specs (1992, 2.3 L, 4 cylinder, 5-speed, floor shifter) or can...
  6. sauceman

    Driver side door rattles excessively 1992 XLT

    Hey Guys. The driver side door on my 1992 ford ranger has started to rattle quite a bit. It's as if it is not latched tightly anymore. What do you recommend I do to fix this?
  7. New bumper

    New bumper

    comparison, old/new
  8. New bumper

    New bumper

    Right side
  9. New bumper

    New bumper

    straight view
  10. New bumper

    New bumper

    I built a new bumper for the truck so I could use a winch, turned out better than I thought It would for my first real fab project.
  11. 001.JPG 1992 Ranger XLT in Alaska

    001.JPG 1992 Ranger XLT in Alaska

    Summer trip from Fairbanks to Anchorage when the odometer went to all zeros making it a brand new Ranger. I am about 91 miles north of Anchorage on the Parks Highway . Zero'd out my trip meter when I left Fairbanks so it shows about 265 miles from start of the trip.
  12. 1992 2.3 8 plug running like crap and then driving normal

    As said in the title, I have a 1992 2.3L 8 spark plug ranger Truck ran fine for a while until one day it was hard to start, then when it finally started it was loping as if it was missing hitting the gas would make it spit and sputter and pop and when you let off the gas the rpms would drop to...
  13. RedwoodRanger

    Advice installing 4 in. Skyjacker class 2

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I've been creeping around here as a visitor the last 2 years, its nice to finally come out of the shadows lol. Anyway, in a few days I will finally be ordering a skyjacker class 2 system to lift my 92 ranger 4x4 super cab :yahoo: Been thinking about it since I...
  14. How easy is it to swap to a new axle for repair

    What I have: 1992 Ford ranger stock 4 cylinder Rear diff: 3.73 ratio, 7.5”, 2WD It has bad pinion bearings and I either need to put in new bearings or put a new axle in. I could do either but am looking for a cheap easy solution (not that a bearing swap is terribly difficult, it just sounds like...
  15. New member from TN

    Hey everybody, My name is Jonathan, and I'm new here. My ride is a 1992 ford ranger 2.3L 5 speed, regular cab. I'm familiar with the ranger line, I used to have a 98 model a couple years back that was a slight pos, lol. I just have some basic questions. Mileage: What should I expect out of...
  16. Clutch replacement 1992 XLT 4.0L, just need to be sure I have everything I need

    Hi guys, I just found this place this week, and am planning on replacing the clutch in my newly-acquired 1992 XLT this Friday(8/14). I knew the clutch was bad when I bought the truck, however I was not aware that it was laying in pieces in the bottom of the bell housing, which I found when I...
  17. And She is down again...

    My 1992 2.3 hasn't been short of problems, But now she doesn't even wanna start. When you turn the key to fire the engine its pulls power but then just clicks, no attempt to start. battery is good, all fuses are good. It can be push started. But once running its runs really poorly. Idea...
  18. where are the repair videos for a 1992 Ranger?

    I am looking for instructions on doing regular maintenance & DIY repairs on my 1992 Ranger Custom. There is a dirth of videos and instructions for 1992 and older Rangers. Does anyone knowwhere to find these? I am not looking for a repair manual ( like Chilton or Haynes).
  19. No hazards or dome light.

    I have a 1992 Ranger Custom 2.9L V6 4x4 auto. The hazrdsno longer work and the dome light has not worked since I got the truck last month. Any ideas on what might be going on?
  20. 92/91 Explorer Differences?

    Anyone know if the harnesses between the 91 and 92 explorers are different? Im going from a 89 B2 to a 92 Exp 4.0. I saw a wiring guide on the Corral and i wanna see if it can help me with the wiring and vacuum lining

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