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  1. Tom Morana 1.8 Roller Rockers for V6 3.0 vulcan

    Hi Everyone! I have a 91' Taurus and I was looking for way to increase power/efficiency and was wondering if anyone has heard anything about 1.8 roller rockers from Tom Morana. I spoke to him on the phone twice and each time he was confident that his product would fit without complications or...
  2. Need Help

    I plan on buying new Goodyear wrangler MT/R's with kevlar.I was wondering if anybody knows if 265/75R16 size tires will fit a stock 2009 ford ranger sport 4x4 supercab??? Or should i raise the suspension first?
  3. Rory

    Grill swap

    I have a 97 B4000 4x4, and I was wondering if there is any ranger grills that fit my truck. I don't like the Mazda grill at all, and was looking for a billet grill or something. any information that could help me, that doesn't require me to swap the front clip would be great.
  4. 93 Ford Ranger

    I changed the spark plugs in my 1993 Ford Ranger and at first it ran really good. I live in Arkansas and am in Texas visiting and I was going to go back to Arkansas this week end. Now my Ranger is running on 3 cylinders. Any ideas what could be wrong? Please help! :shok:
  5. BroncoII Fuel Line Leak??????

    I have a ? about the fuel line that runs to the fuel pressure regulator. Mine is leaking fuel out of it and i was wondering if there is an o ring inside that can be replaced or if i have to buy a new fuel line. If anyone knows anything about this i sure would love some help lol thanks.
  6. idriveafordranger94

    Stark State College '29 Ford Resto-Mod

    Hey everyone! I have some really exciting news! I know going to school is generally not much fun, especially during the summer. However, this summer is going to be a milestone for Stark State College. (I'm going to call it SSC, for short) I just finished my first year of college at Stark State...
  7. Which years are interchangeable?

    I have a five-speed transmission that is from an '86 Ranger. Does anyone know if it will bolt right into a '90 Ford Ranger?
  8. offroad16

    Need help with Fuel Pump

    Hey all, I dropped a 5.0L out of an '89 GT about 3 years ago in my Ranger. I put a cobra top end on it from a '94 Cobra (Gt40 heads, Cobra U/L intake, Cobra TB etc). Running 19# injectors and 19# factory MAF. I'm wondering if it wouldn't highly benefit from a bigger fuel pump. What is the flow...
  9. budgreen1986

    V6 4.0 bucking and jerking...

    hi every one, i have a 1995 v6 4.0 ranger splash, Recently i got gas at a speedway 20 mils from home and the next day my truck kicking and jerking run fine for a sec and do the same it idles rough , 6 mo. ago i had the o2 sen. changed and plugs and plug wires, Champion plugs .. the other day i...
  10. ideas for my ranger

    Does anyone have any ideas of different ways i can customize my ranger?
  11. 94 ford ranger for sale

    i was browsing thru craigslist and i stumbled to on the add for a 94 ford ranger for sale.i contacted the guy thru email and he sent me some details about the truck.if u could give me good advice if it is a good buy or not thanks. i also posted the site address and the email that he sent me...
  12. Ranger Exhaust???

    :headbang: I wanttoput an exhaustonmy 1995 ford ranger. 4.0 5spd. Idk whats cheap and what will soundgood for a v6. Any suggestions.Thanks
  13. Ranger 4.0 help/ need quick if possible

    I have a 1996 Ford Ranger 2 wheel drive 4.0 engine... I cracked my heads and replaced them and i put the valve covers as well as the lower intake but thats as far as ive got. my passenger side exhaust went on fine but my drivers side exhaust doesnt wanna line up. if i undo the bolts leading down...
  14. 06 ranger ugrades

    i got a 06 ranger sport, 3.0 v6 (i know..3.0 lol) but i love my truck eaither way. but im lookin for some upgrades that wont clean out my small wallet. like lifts, exhaust, and other things to make my lil truck somethin to turn ur head at. any tips appreciated cheers
  15. Starter help

    Hi everyone Once again, I defer to people who know more than myself. My 89 Ranger is not starting. I just bought the battery last fall. I've got lights and accecerries. When I turn the key, I hear a click.....and nothing. I'm thinking the starter might be locked up, but here is my problem...
  16. 92 Ford Ranger, 2.3L manual…Mystery

    I’m having starting issues. Yesterday and this morning it wouldn’t start. I turned the key to on without starting the car and left it for a couple of minutes and tried again. It started up easily after that. :icon_confused: So my question is: What would cause my car to need the key turned to...
  17. amgamber34's 1997 Ex.Cab

    Well heres my build thread. I've been looking around on this site for awhile now and I finally got a couple pictures to show. It's Not much but its my pride and joy. Still waiting to take better pics. So far it's totally stock other than removing my mudflaps and alittle window tint. Some parts...
  18. my 1992 ranger xlt

    before and after the paint (truck originally had no tinted windows no stickers grey grille 14 inch rims with 225 tires and i put a 2 inch lift in it) me in my truck my gf in my truck what do you all think? :)
  19. Any suggestions on some good offroading lights for my ranger!!!

    I have a 1995 ford ranger. i already got the 31" tires i want to make it a little more beefy and off road like. I want to put some nice cheap-ish lights on it. ANY SUGGESTIONS!?!?!?!?!?!:eek:
  20. I want to put a prerunner and lights on my ranger

    I want to make my truck look like a offroading truck. I already put 31x10.5 Dick Cepek mud country and i have a race back and a visor with roof running lights. Does anybody know what else i can do to it without lifting it. SOme cheap ways like putting a brush guard and lights on it. ANy...

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