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  1. koths211

    In dire need od 89 ranger wiring harness

    I have an 89 ranger 2.9, automatic, push button 4x4, power windows, power locks. I need a full engine bay wiring harness that's not all hacked to pieces. and possibly a computer with those options as well...thanks... call or text, ryan, 734-717-9247. text is best. I have cash money.
  2. koths211

    99 ranger transmission not pumping fluid

    I have a 99 ranger with 4r44e auto transmission in it... this is the 4th transmission that has been put into it. none of the transmissions pumped fluid out the lines to the cooler. blew air thru lines and cooler to make sure they are not plugged. what else could this be??? any kind of solenoid...
  3. A4ld needs work . Help!

    So my 91 ranger 4.0 a4ld has not been holding trans fluid. There appears to be no dripping and the truck blows more smoke than usual. This makes me believe its the trans vaccum modulator which I have read is a common problem with these. Is that most likely what it needs or could it be something...
  4. ClodSlayer

    Fm145 Sloppy Shifter.

    So I've got the mitsubishi fm145, 4w drive hooked up to the 2.3L gasoline engine. Model #: FM145 Assy No: E67A7003FB Build code: 025132 The shifter has been real sloppy, and in taking off the boot and stuff, I found that the source of this sloppiness is the blue plastic ball at the end of...
  5. "White Lighting" Daily Driver 05 Ranger

    OK been meaning to make this thread for while didn't know a good place to post it up so here it goes! Background: I had a 94 mustang that broke on me so i was car-less and broke (from owning a mustang) and a friend of mine told me that he was gonna donate the truck because he couldn't get it...
  6. Shifting out of first/ no clutch?

    The other day i took my 1995 Ford Ranger 5spd std. out to a mud pit went through it twice and was pulling out a 1500 silverado, yes i was successful the first time but the second time no i dropped the clutch a good few times trying to get a bit more speed and had no luck so i drove it up and...
  7. '92 XLT in DC

    Hi there, Very excited about finally picking up my first Ranger tonight, a '92 XLT 4-cylinder with the R1 transmission. 165,000 miles, 2-owner truck with new clutch and tires. Almost completely bone stock, other than a Leer bedcap and kooky carpet job in the bed. California truck with Wisconsin...
  8. Need help

    Im 17 atm im working a job and got more days this summer atm my 6th cylinder in my 1999 XLT Ford Ranger is misfiring although im getting it all fixed and all new valves. Im wanting to lift it i already got me some black rims and im wanting to put like a 3-4 inch lift in the front and 1-2 in the...
  9. Splashovero.o

    Need help finding a good push bar and advise

    I have a 1994 Ford Ranger XLT with 31 in tires and a 3 in bl Im not sure where i could buy a push bar for my Ranger and am also trying to put bigger tires on it could anyone tell me what where i can get a good push bar and what the biggest size tires i could put on my Ranger any advice would be...
  10. What is this? 1991 Ranger

    Ok so I'm working on rebuilding my "new" 91 Ranger 4cyl, it was a California truck and I'm finding a few wierd things on there, lots of empty hose attachements, etc- I just got the truck and I know I didn't remove any of it, when I got it it ran, but had an awful engine noise, hence why I'm...
  11. Looking for good leveling Kit

    Hey guys I have a 2002 Ranger XLT regular cabshort bed 2.3L 5 speed 2WD and I am looking for a good leveling kit to level out my truck. Anyone know any good products?
  12. dieselarruda

    equus ford code reader 3145

    when i plug it in my truck nothing happened, so checked all the fuse and they are all good. so i was wondering what could be wrong. i emailed the company and no answers and the same for self obd1 test with the jumper wire. i really need help i have not even drove it yet since july. please help...
  13. 1988 ford range exhaust system

    I have a 1988 ford Ranger automatic A4LD transmission 2.9L v6 engine. I am wanting to upgrade my exhaust system. Preferbly magnaflow or flowmaster or any other high quality name brand that will sound amazing coming out of it. I need to know every part i need to buy to make this happen. I am...
  14. 2000 Ford Ranger automatic stalls when shifted to drive but not reverse 4R55E trans.

    First Post but I have searched the forum with no confident results, so I thought I would pose the question to all the Ranger Wizards . . . I have a 2000 Ranger Regular Cab 2.L Automatic transmission 4R55E "code T". - It stalls when shifted to "D"rive from park - It does NOT stall when...
  15. 89 2.9 help!!!

    I have a 1989 ford Ranger 4x4 xlt that is having some shaking issues. A little back ground within the pase couple years the transmission went out and i had it rebuilt and it only has about 10,000 miles on it since then. The problem i am having is when i take off from a complete stop i get a...
  16. 3.0 Better Clutch???

    hey guys i am swaping a 1995 3.0L in to my b2300 and i want to put in a new clutch im just wondering if any one knows a good aftermarket clutch that i could use or if there are any that i can swap in from another car ive heard that a mustang clutch will work so any help wold be great
  17. OFlo

    Thunderbolt Discussion

    Are there any other fellow Thunderbolt drivers on here? :D
  18. 94 ranger 4.0 ecc pinout??

    I am doing a full rewire of my 1994 ranger 4.0 V6. I need a diagram of the computer pin layout or pinout. Does anyone have a .pdf they can post or email?
  19. 1991 ford explorer 4x4 4.0 v6 ohv engine

    my 91 explorer blowed the head gaskets i put a new set on torqued them to ford spects and now i am getting water on top of my # 4 piston it fills up with water the other 5 cylinder,s are not getting water it is just # 4 talked to a ford teck and several other meckanics they all say cracked head...
  20. Camo Ford Logo on front grille?

    Where can I get one? Any websites that you recommend? I have looked a several but they are not exactly what I wanted. I want it to say Ford still, but have camo in the back. Like this: