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  1. Ranger Prerunner Bumper

    Made of 3/16th frame horn design 1 3/4 .120 tubing consists of four bends, light hoop and a aluminum skid plate! for sale if anyone is interested pm me
  2. morgan946

    pics of double lift with 33's

    hey my name is morgan cummins and i have a 3" body lift on my 2002 ford ranger with 33/12.5/15 mickey thompson mtz's. and i was wanting to know if anyone had pics of a double lifted truck with 33's?
  3. cross member difficulties??

    does anybody know what the purpose is of the crossmember looking thing under the radiator in a 92 ranger? it looks like it might collect radiator fluid that might leak, but my point is thast i want to take it off or modify it because its very asymetrical and dips way down low, thus decreasing my...
  4. lethal-threat-b288

    beam drop brackets!!! help

    :dunno:is there anybody who can or know of anybody that can either make or fab some beam drop brackets for a 6 inch lift, i am goin to put a d35 in from a d28 and the lift plate will be too close to the carrier housing... any ideas are greatly apreciated thanx:icon_welder:
  5. Towing a 1997 4 cylinder regular cab Ford Ranger

    I have a 1997 ford Ranger regular cab. It's a 4 cylinder. I was wondering if my 2005 chevy equinox would be able to tow the ranger. The towing capacity for the chevy is 3500. I have never towed a car before and I am moving to california next year for the military. Please respond if you can...
  6. Need help plz

    so i got a 1994 ford ranger xlt 2.3l that i want to turbo. i have the money to buy parts and stuff. its just that i dont know what to get or the steps in rebuilding the engine. i was going to go with the v8 but then i decided that everyone does that. Every thing you could tell me would help. im...
  7. I need help asap!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i was driving to my house when i see the oil pressure gauge go down all the way. the truck stalled and stopped. i tried turning it back on but it wouldn't. i have no idea what the problem might be. please help me
  8. Ranger with Very bad tranny leak when hot? Looking for help/advice.

    Hi, my name is Tyler and I'm new to The Ranger Station forums. Im going to try to be as detailed as possible so hopefully someone could maybe help me pinpoint the exact problem I am having. I got the 1994 Ford Ranger XLT from a friend. It sat for 7 years in the same spot and When I first tried...
  9. Motor Options

    Alright guys, so I have 2 1987 ford rangers. And they both have 2.9 liter motors in them. On one of the trucks to motor is shot. (the guy who had it before me blew it up trail riding at a trail convention). One of these trucks is going to be for mud and stuff while the other is going to be for...
  10. r1hatman

    Ford Police chase

    I thought you all would get a kick out of this! Enjoy:icon_thumby: http://s910.photobucket.com/albums/ac301/r1hatman/?action=view&current=Ford_Police_Chase.flv
  11. Tach in 1988 Ranger?

    I have a 1988 2.9L 4x4 Ranger . Was hoping someone could inform me if there was a wire on the gauge cluster harness or fuse in the fuse panel that i could hook my RPM wire to ??? Any ideas???
  12. using 4x4 on 1989 ranger?

    I just bought my first 4x4 my ranger is a automatic has the shifter for the transfer case, not buttons on dash... and it looks like I have the kind where you need to lock the hubs... When I bought my ranger the manual didn't show what position is what.. and the original shifter handle has been...
  13. Cacher

    I Give Up-What Is It?

    Ok I am out last weekend driving around looking at trucks, and come across this Ranger in a lot for sal. It looks like a DOT truck or something (all yellow), but the thing that I can't figure out is the little black "bump" on the roof above the passenger side. It's not the antenna. I can only...
  14. Jeep Dana 30 under 96 ranger???

    I know this has been done and ive seen it on s10s. my questions r about width and the extent of work to be done. i have a 1996 4cyl 5spd 2wd ranger. i want to run d30 front, rubicon 4:1 transfer case, ford 8.8 LS 4:10 and disc brake rear end, custom driveshafts(JUNGLE DRIVESHAFTS). wat type of...

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