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  • Hey man I saw your from Hartville, I live there too. Did you go to Lake for high school? I graduated in 09 and go to the university of Toledo now.
    I think I've got a pair of D28 hubs, but there is some question if you actually have a "Dana 28" axle and if so which one...

    What year is your truck?, because the "True" Dana 28 was only made from 1983-the early part of the 1990 model run (11-89 actually)

    The later Dana 28 is the front diff that many refer to as the D28/35 "Hybred"
    which while Dana and Ford refer to it as a "dana 28" only the innermost shafts and the differential itself are the smaller dana 28 pieces, the outer pieces are all identical to a
    Dana35 axle.

    This often creates confusion with auto parts suppliers when you attempt to buy Brake rotors, wheel bearings etc...

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