1983 Ford Ranger D-Ranged

The body lines of the 1983-1988 Ford Ranger will probably always be my favorite. When I saw this truck, I felt that it needed to be preserved here at TheRangerStation.com.

This 1983 Ford Ranger was owned and built by Chick Deitz of Pennsylvania, and is a grand national champion show vehicle. After competing and winning car shows, it was eventually listed for sale at the 2014 Mecum Auction in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

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  • Over 250 custom handmade parts
  • Big block Chevy 454, 850 HP
  • Kinsler injection
  • 6-speed ZF Corvette transmission
  • Old school Crower-type staggered injector setup that has been converted to EFI
  • Featured body modifications, lengthened fenders 7″, lengthened hood 12″ and built for reverse tilt of opening
  • Grand National Champion ISCA
  • Great 8 pick for Ridler Award
  • Elite 6 hot rods and customs award, Philadelphia/Oaks, PA
  • Featured in Popular Hot Rodding magazine
  • AACA museum’s Art of the Build vehicle exhibit

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