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1994 Ford Ranger Sea Splash Concept
1994 Ford Ranger Sea Splash Concept

1994 Ford Ranger Sea Splash Concept

Filed in Concept Vehicles by on August 20, 1995 • views: 760

Water sports lover? This truck…….was for you! The Ford Ranger Sea Splash, a concept vehicle especially for those who find their fun shooting the rapids or canoeing the lakes and rivers across North America. The Ranger Sea Splash was the ideal transporter when the river or the lake beckoned. But when it’s not used to […]


Jeremy Fitzpatrick’s 1991 Ford Ranger views: 978

One of the trucks that quickly got everyone’s attention at the 20th Anniversary Trail Ride was Jeremy Fitzpatrick’s 1991 Ford Ranger 4×4. What really surprised many of us is that he actually took the Ranger off-road. We’re glad he brought it out for us to enjoy, and pretty cool to actually see him take it […]

Ford Ranger ‘Trigger’ views: 1775

The French company Arquus presents a new generation of its ALTV (Armored Light Tactical Vehicle) under the name of Trigger. The Trigger is a 4×4 light tactical vehicle based on a Ford Ranger chassis which can be configured for different roles and missions. The Trigger is able to be used as troop’s carrier and logistic […]

The ‘Loan Ranger’ – 2019 Ford Ranger FX4 views: 1829

(Looks like a backdrop, but this photo was really taken in Colorado!) In March 2019, Ford loaned me a 2019 Ford Ranger FX4 to use for 6-months to celebrate 20-years of TheRangerStation.com. Ford allowed me to modify the truck as long as I didn’t drill any holes in it, or permanently mount anything to it. […]

Overland Expo West – 2019 views: 1792

Overland Expo West 2019 – And Why You Should Go To An Overland Expo! I love to travel and discover new areas. I’ve done everything from a random 1-day roadtrip, to a trip that lasted 22-days. These trips always involve me either sleeping in my vehicle, or a tent. There is an amazing sense of […]