Patricio Leguia ‘PatoV6’ 1997 Ford Ranger 4×4

Our Chile forum member Patov6 (Patricio Leguia) is the owner and builder of this 1997 Ford Ranger 4×4. Like most people, Patov6 started out with a stock Ford Ranger with a basic suspension and body lift. But the more he wheeled it, the bigger and tougher he built it. There is an amazing short video at the bottom of this page of him crawling with the Ranger. It gives you a really good idea how well it crawls and low low the crawl ratio is.


  • Dana 60 solid front axle (35-spline), 5.13 gears & E-Locker
  • GM 14-bolt rear axle, 5.13 gears & Detroit Locker
  • 42-inch Iroks
  • 7-inch TR beadlocks
  • Custom front and rear 3 Link suspension + Panhard
  • Early Bronco 5.5-inch lift coils
  • Winch
  • 351W V8
  • Custom doubler made by a NP205 and a BW 1356 + ZF S542 (An amazing 155:1 crawl ratio)
  • 3-inch body Lift
  • Interior roll cage
  • Shortened Chassis to 115-inches + shortened bed
  • (2) 9-inch HID XENON 55W lights

Patov6 was fortunate enough to take part in the TwistedAndes Adventure 2013:

Ranger Crawling Linares YouTube play
Twisted Andes Adventure 2013 vimeo play

Twisted Andes Adventure 2013 from Facundo Lozano on Vimeo.

More photos:

To see more photos and ask questions, check out his Forum Post.

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