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Heavy/light clutch


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Jun 3, 2013
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Salt Lake Utah
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Got a few questions, more just kind of curious. Couldn't find anything specific searching, didn't really know what to search for.

I have a 91 2.3 2wd manual ranger with 141,xxx miles. Nothing fancy, probably the lowest base model you can go cuz I've never found anything saying my truck has a trim level. The clutch is pretty heavy in it and I love it. It has never been replaced, and I doubt any of the clutch system has ever been removed in my truck.

My brother bought another 91 3.0 XLT 2wd extended cab manual ranger. its got 162,xxx miles and the clutch is about to go. The clutch is light, probably 1/2 - 1/4 the pressure it takes to push mine in. I hate it, and he would prefer it to be stiffer like mine. The transmission was replaced 40,000 miles ago, but they didn't do the clutch so its the original.

Why are the pedals so different in the same year trucks? Is it the trim level? Is it that they are different size clutches? Could there be air trapped in his clutch system when they swapped trannys? Is his pressure plate just more warn out than mine? Is my truck the one thats different?

all the other rangers Ive drove have been automatics, so I don't know which is the norm. But when he replaces the clutch he wants it to be stiffer. He would rather not replace it all just to find out its still as light as it was before. Is it the pressure plate that determines stiffness in these trucks?

Thanks guys!