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  1. Brake light switch issue on my 03 Ranger XL.

    Hey guys, I have a brake light issue on my 03 Ranger XL. The brake lights come on when I move the brake light (brand new might I add, old one had same issue I'm talking about) switch up or down, but don't when I press the pedal down or do for a little bit then stops working, then when I jiggle...
  2. Pix3L8

    no brake lights or running lights

    Quick question for ya, I wanted to take the bronco out and finally drive the thing but I noticed I do not have tail lights or brake lights. I pulled the harness from the driver's fender back to the rear of the truck..no broken wires. I also noticed that I hear a click when I press the pedal or...
  3. 08 Ranger ABS Problem

    Hey all, 08 Ranger XLT 4x4 5 Speed, ABS kicks on at low speed. Ive narrowed it down to faulty speed sensor(s), as described exactly in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ve-eoHph2M My question for you: is there a way short of going to a dealer or finding somebody with an expensive...
  4. Have to reset power to get things to work. 1996 Ranger.

    So I have a truck that sometimes the wipers won't work and neither will the dome light or bed lights unless I pull the battery cable and put it back on. Also the door chime won't work but I feel like that is a blessing. Then they will work for the first couple of times the truck starts then will...
  5. Alternator/charging questions

    Hi gents, hopefully I have the right section for this. Replace my alternator a few days ago after the battery light came on. Replaced the alternator the battery light turned off. 2 days later (last night) I noticed my dash lights getting really dim. withing 5 minutes of that, the truck lost all...
  6. Check engine light not existant from factory

    87 Ranger,2.9liter...ive been wondering why i never got a CEL....even during the start...i pulled the dash and theres no bulb...plastic covers the socket like the "water in fuel" or "rear diff lock" light spots are...from factory...there is no wire leading to its spot on the pigtail that plugs...
  7. Dprocks100

    Heavy/light clutch

    Got a few questions, more just kind of curious. Couldn't find anything specific searching, didn't really know what to search for. I have a 91 2.3 2wd manual ranger with 141,xxx miles. Nothing fancy, probably the lowest base model you can go cuz I've never found anything saying my truck has a...
  8. Belt-Minder / SRS Issue

    The truck was taken in to the dealer for a new long block. Head cracked @ 51k. Cast block, aluminum heads. Once I got home I took off my belt and noticed the minder and Safety Belt Warning Light on the dash did not illuminate. The light illuminates when the ignition is ON like normal. Then...
  9. 1999 tail light conversion

    Is it possible to switch out my 99 tail lights for the new style ones? The new ones look a lot better and I am not a fan of the Altezza style lights. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike
  10. 2 bulb to 3 bulb

    I want to convert my tail lights from 2 bulb to 3 bulb. I've read and been told I need the pigtail harness as well as the multifunction switch. Is that all that's needed? I can't find an answer or anyone on this forum who has every done this or even attempted it. I feel like the best way to do...
  11. Which lights would be best for night driving?

    I'm looking into the hella 500FFs and the 700FFs. I wanna use them as my regular driving lights at night so I'm putting them on the front. which would be best? I wanna get 4 so should I just get a set of each?
  12. 1986 Bronco II Instrument Panel Dummy lights

    Just picked up a Bronco II (2.9 5 speed, 2wd) which I had to do a lot of reassembly. Unfortunately, the overlay for the dummy lights is missing. Could someone please identify these for me so I don't ignore the oil pressure light thinking its the seatbelt light! There are 8 divided sections on...
  13. dome light and glove box bulb size?

    What is the bulb size for the dome light and the glove box light in a 2001 b3000 regular cab? i cant find a straight answer on what size and how many and i want to order the right ones. I know the dome light is a festoon type bulb... im sick of not being able to see anything so im upgrading to LEDs
  14. **Indicator and Hazard Light Problem**

    Ok, here goes. When I first got my ranger a few months ago, only the right turn signal, and right hazard (partly) worked. My right turn signal worked fine, but my right hazard only stayed on (didn't blink). So, just as a temporary fix, i hooked up a completely different flasher to run the...
  15. K-Slice

    How To - Add Bumper light WITHOUT drilling! (Light tabs)

    Original Poster: ME! Difficulty: 3 out of 10 Time to install: +- 1hr Disclaimer: The Ranger Station.com, The Ranger Station.com Staff, nor the original poster are responsible for you doing this modification to your vehicle. By doing this modification and following this how-to you, the...
  16. 84bluebronco2

    Brake (P) (!) light

    On my 94 Explorer XLT, the red brake light would intermittently stay on when I released the parking brake. I noticed it generally only happened on rainy days. I've checked the fluid in the master cylinder, and the sensor for my parking break seems to be functional (the brake light dims slightly...
  17. Bryan101

    Steering Wheel lights (Cruise Control)

    My 1996 ranger has cruise control on it and the on/off side light is out. Does anybody know how to replace these lights and know what type of light these are? ____|''''''\___ l_/'''\____/'''\| =(O)===(O)== -------------------
  18. Rear ABS Light on at 35-40 MPH

    I have a 1990 Ranger 2.9 L the rear anti lock brake light comes on between 35 & 40 MPH and stays on until you turn of the ignition the in again between 35 & 40 MPH, I have done a complete from and rear break job, replace the rear speed sensor, the vacuum booster, master cylinder the rear control...
  19. 4x4 light not working

    Hello, When I shift into 4x4 High the little "4x4" light on the dash board will not come on. This happens when I shift into 4x4 Low also, but the "Low Range" light comes on. I've checked the fuses and none of them are bad. I'm pretty sure my 4 wheel drive isn't broken because when I shift into...
  20. under hood light

    Hi all, Anyone know what bulb fits in the little "better-than-nothing" light on the underside of the hood. The one that lights the engine up when the hood is open? My truck never had one and I can't seem to figure out which bulb I need. It's an '87. Thanks.

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