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5R55E Shifting Problem


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Dec 10, 2011
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I have a 2002 Ranger 4.0 Extended cab with 47k miles and the 5R55E 5 speed transmission. I don't want to rebuild the whole trans.

When the truck is cold and you first take off in drive 1-2 shift is delayed, seems like it holds on to 1st gear too long, but does shift into 2nd. When it warms up it shift's into second gear but it is a bit mushy, not as positive as other gears.

One time after some expressway driving, I was taking off from a stop and during the 2-3 shift, the engine flared up to about 2000 to 2500, but caught as soon as I let off the gas and got back on the gas. This happened one time as well on the overdrive kick in, it flared up a bit but then caught.

When I make a quick complete stop, and slightly inch forward with my foot on the brake, there is a little thud. It almost feels like when you are standing still and have the truck in 2 and you shift it back to drive and inch forward, it feels like that little thud. Maybe it's staying in second gear until I inch forward??

When the truck is in any gear other than P or N there is a buzzing sound coming from the engine compartment.

When shifting from any gear to P or N, it feels like the truck is cuts out for a quick second rpm drops but catches and doesn't die.

Is this a valve body? Clogged filter?? Please help, Thanks.

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