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shifting problem

  1. MikeShepard505

    Major Shift Problem (2000 3.0) Need Help

    About a month ago my automatic transmission on my 3.0 started having problems shifting and now it’s happening more often. During the cold weather and turning it on and putting it into Drive it wouldn’t go into drive immediately, took 10-30seconds sometimes or if I gave it gas it'd bang into 1st...
  2. Clutch choices and fluid question

    So imma need to replace my clutch soon and this truck is my daily driver in the busy Streets and highways of LA, and i was wondering whats the difference between an autozone clutch and persay an exedy oem clutch or stage 1 as an upgrade. Also i filled my tranny with generic shield ATF it said...
  3. Help! Trouble Shifting into 1st and Reverse Only 45,000 Miles on Truck

    Hi, I have a 2008 Ranger ext. cab 4x4 Manual Transmission with only 45,000 Miles. I'm the original owner, well kept. For about the last 15,000 Miles I find it difficult to shift into first gear or reverse. -Clutch isn't soft, feels normal -Gears are not grinding (although on some rare...
  4. Need help

    So this is my first post here and I need helping figuring out whats wrong with my transmission, It wont shift past 2nd gear and I just replaced the vacuum modulator but that didn't make a difference, so any ideas about what might the problem could be would be very helpful.
  5. 5R55E Shifting Problem

    I have a 2002 Ranger 4.0 Extended cab with 47k miles and the 5R55E 5 speed transmission. I don't want to rebuild the whole trans. When the truck is cold and you first take off in drive 1-2 shift is delayed, seems like it holds on to 1st gear too long, but does shift into 2nd. When it warms...

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