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03' 351w swap help distributor


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Jan 16, 2012
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I have a 2003 ranger edge with a 5.0 now and I'm looking into swapping it for the 351w and I know what it takes to do this swap. I'm trying to figure out the hardest parts before I attempt it like oil pan, headers, 28oz balancer for explorer FEAD, and cam position sensor and that's what this post is about. I read a post where a guy made his 351w distributor work as a cam position sensor and just capped off the top. I've read everything about trying to use the 351 shaft in a 5.0 explorer cam sensor housing but I think if I could just make the right distributor work for what I'm trying to do that would be the easiest/best way to go....can anyone explain how this can be done?? (This engine is staying EFI with the explorer computer and Gt40 intake and also in the process of finishing a M122 swap onto the 5.0 so if that turns out good I want to take everything straight over to the 351 with a new tune so can't go full distributor or carb'd)

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