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  1. Questions about 2000 Ranger 4x4

    Ok so the other night I was out on a dirt road and came across an area with about 2 1/2 feet of snow. Basically just to the under side of the motor. Anyways I came to a stop and moved 4x4 selector switch to 4h. When it lit up I tried to move. Nothing happened except what seemed to be tire spin...
  2. EasternSierrasRanger

    2001 4x4 Woes

    Friends, I'm having trouble with the 4x4 working reliably. I've read some of the troubleshooting about this but I haven't seen this particular scenario discussed. So, when I start the vehicle the 4WD light on the dash doesn't light. The 4x4 Switch does not light with engine running and does not...
  3. A4LD_Nghtme

    SOLVED: Transfer case end spraying fluid on undercarriage?

    Hey there. 1990 Bii project trying to get to body restore but I'm having 4x4 and apparently transfer case end issue. If you check the attached photo, it appears that I have a leak at what I assume is the rubber piece and it's spraying my undercarriage something fierce. Any idea what the part is...
  4. A4LD_Nghtme

    SOLVED: 4X4 does not engage at all after new transfer case motor.

    Hello! I swapped out my 4x4 transfer case motor on my 1990 Bronco II XLT and I now have no lights at the dash at all and zero control module actuation. Before the swap the lights would come on for both 4 Hi and 4 Lo and the you could hear the 4x4 control module function. Now there is zero...
  5. stamina

    can you swap a 2wd tail housing with a 4wd tail housing?

    for example i found an m5r1 from the yard that is 2wd and i have the tail housing from another fm146 4x4 can i put the mitsubishi tail housing on the m5r1? or the one from my truck that i actually would like to use that has a manual shift lever.
  6. TexasDuck66

    Paint Estimate

    Hey there, I've been a avid fan of 1st and 2nd Gen Rangers for a while now. I got rid of my 88' 2WD Auto a few months ago in hopes of finding a nice 4x4 '5 Speed 83-92 model Ranger. I finally found one, a single cab 83' with the 2.3L, 4x4, '4 Speed Manual. The interior has been redone to black...
  7. Richard869

    4x4 not working in my 1993 Ford ranger xlt manual v6 4.0L

    My 4wd does not work whatsoever. The only time the 4x4 orange light is illuminated is when I first start the truck and it does it’s test cycle but even then it doesn’t always light up. I replaced the shift motor and even bought a new 4x4 switch off eBay. I can’t seem to figure out what the issue is.
  8. vonD1025

    Upland birds and small game, Reno area

    Anyone down for some bird hunting and big game scouting in Northern Nevada area? I’m in Carson Shitty but down to link up for off-roading and hunting.
  9. Finally got a Ranger again!!

    2001 XLT 4.0L 4x4 off-road I just picked up a ranger for dirt cheap the engine sounds great but it has a bad tranny. I sold my last one and was regretting it the moment I sold it so now I'm happy to have one again. However I have to put a new transmission in and i need advice on how to do that...
  10. DavisRanger

    2.3L to 2.9L Swap

    So, last weekend (July 3rd) I totaled my truck by landing, yes you read that right, on the hood of a Tesla. I’ll share photos below… still waiting on dash cam footage from the Tesla owner. How it happened is I lost my brakes at 70mph exiting an interstate. I decided to hit the ditch on the...
  11. PacoTaco1000

    88 bronco II 6-speed Transmission swap

    I’ve been looking around trying to find anything on a transmission swap for a Bronco II and haven’t found anything. Has anyone done a 6-speed in a little b2? I’m currently running my stock FM145 5-speed on my freshly rebuilt 2.9l. I plan on swapping to the 4.0l after my motor goes and saw that...
  12. newports454

    Help me outfit my 2006 Ford Ranger FX4 Level II

    Just bought this from a dealer with 150k miles. Only work that has been done to it to was done by the dealer presale: - Undercoat to prevent any rust - new rear drive shaft I have some ideas on what I want to do to it but would love feedback on my choices and anything else that you pros might...
  13. Gangwer296

    Totaled ranger

    Well, unfortunately I was rear ended by some kid too busy on his cell phone while I was waiting to turn into my drive way. In my beloved 1992 single cab 2.9 4x4 ranger. Keeping the truck vs letting insurance take the truck was only a 300$ difference so I kept it. I love this damn truck. Now I...
  14. RespectTheCruller

    Newbie from Washington

    Hi everyone, been lurking the forums for a few months now, figured it's time to introduce myself. I'm Mav, located in southwestern Washington. Got my '86 STX back in September, only plans for it so far are the Rough Country lift kit and some bigger rubber, but may do some beefier axles down the...
  15. vonD1025

    Northern Nevada area?

    What’s up everyone, curious if anyone is in Reno/Carson area down for some 4 wheelin and hunting/fishing. I’ve got my 87’ Bronco ii ready to rock and need some backup just in case this old beast breaks down. Also wouldn’t mind having someone around in the middle of nowhere cuz I have a back...
  16. 87RangerJake

    1987 Ranger 4x4 - My 1st Truck

    Decided to make a thread on my 87 Ford Ranger 2.9L 4x4 to keep track of what I've done to it and to get help fixing it up. Bought this truck back on Halloween of 2016 as my 1st car for high school and daily drove it until August 2017 when I replaced it with an 03 VW Passat for the better MPG. I...
  17. Coogan88

    For Sale Selling my 1988 fully restored V8 Ranger 4x4

    I have decided to sell my full restored 302 and c4 transmission swapped ranger. 302 roller ford crate motor and c4 transmission with b&m shift kit and shifter. 36,xxx miles on total rebuild. Underside is show quality and the paint is in good shape with very minor scratches. Interior is in great...
  18. Fryesvan

    89 2.9 auto trans 4x4 won’t do anything. No lights no clicking, no anything

    I’ve got an 89 2.9 with auto locking hubs. I have no 4 wheel lights other than to light up the two push buttons. When I press them, nothing happens at all. No relays clicking or anything that I can tell I pushed the test light on the 4x4cm and it just light up for 30 seconds or so the. Went off...
  19. 1989 Ranger XLT 4x4 V6.jpg

    1989 Ranger XLT 4x4 V6.jpg

    Perfect interior. Not even a crack in the dash.
  20. 1989 Ford Ranger XLT V6 4x4

    1989 Ford Ranger XLT V6 4x4

    Needs a bath

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