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  1. chickenman

    1994 4x4 5speed TDI swap

    This will be my documentation of how I TDI swap my ranger. Stay tuned. I will be posting most updates on my new member page, and saving this one to big updates.
  2. chickenman

    1994 4x4 manual TDI swap

    This is the begining of the long process.
  3. TheDucksNutz

    1988 4X4 Ranger V8 302/5.0 Swap

    Working on getting started for my V8 swap! I got an 8.8 rear end out of a '97 explorer last week. I also ordered a fuel injected crate motor from BluePrint Engines that's going to be delivered towards the end of January. Here's the link to the one I got...
  4. azrangerman85

    Attention AZ Ranger owners Anyone need a 4.10 axle?

    Im selling an axle 4.10 / 7.5 its clean, pinon gear and spider gears are all in great condition. I dont need it after I bought it . I have brand new U bolts for it made at a shop for 75 lbs foot torque. I live in North Phoenix , Az. Check out this item on OfferUp. https://offerup.co/k2RItOrHTDb
  5. jackothewacko


    Hey everyone, this is my first time posting on here. I've got a 94 ranger xlt 3.0 4x4 standard extended cab. The motor in it runs alright for 200k but when it goes I want more power. I've seen the 5.0 swaps, not many for the 4x4. The only thing I've seen is similar year f150 drivetrain swaps. Or...
  6. BenG

    LSD Options

    Hello guys I've been working on my truck constantly I've rebuilt the 3.0 and it's been running great I has out with some friends and and the truck got hung up and we all noticed it was a one wheel wonder after looking at the tag on the diff and door it's a 7.5 ring gear 3.73 gears open diff i...
  7. SamC777

    Rebuilt M5OD-R1, clunks a couple times in 1st gear

    Hey guys, I just had my manual rebuilt in my 94 XLT. Thing drives fine with no issue, and I haven't driven it very long since reinstallation. As I listened closely today, whenever I shifted in first and gave her gas, I heard a "clunk clunk" as I moved forward and felt it in the shifter too. No...
  8. GodisKing

    New 1989 Ranger 4x4

    Hello, I’m new to the Ranger world, just picked up a 1989 Ford Ranger Custom, 5 speed 4x4 regular cab, 2.3, short bed. I’d like to know what transmission I have specifically what transmission fluid I need to use. I’m not much of a mechanic but learning! blessings,
  9. Transmission removal 2008 4.0 4x4 5r55e

    I was wondering if anyone had a PDF or some sort of copy for the removal. Drive and Reverse went out, 1st and 2nd gear work though. Would appreciate tips or tricks if not. Thanks!
  10. 2.3L ('02-'11) Will a TK5, E47A-LB from 83-87 fit a 08 2.3 L?

    I have a 2008 ford ranger 2.3 L. I found this transmission online thats 4x4. Just seeing if this bell housing from the TK5, E47A-LB 83-87 will fit a 08 ranger 2.3L engine?
  11. 2.3L ('02-'11) 2.3 2wd manual transmission to 4x4 transmission.

    This truck means a lot to me but I would like one feature and thats 4x4. I want to keep the 2.3L engine as it has only 58,000 miles on it. I know that its easier to sell it and get a 4x4 truck. I don't want that though. I knows it hard to find a 2.3L manual 4x4 transmissions too. I was just...
  12. sebastian323

    Recommended clutch for 1996 4.0 (softer clutch desired)

    I may be doing the clutch soon on my 1996 ranger 4x4 5spd. I am wondering if there are any options out there that will make the clutch pedal a bit easier to depress. I will be doing the clutch as part of doing the slave cylinder to see if that fixes my stiff shifting problem. The clutch pedal is...
  13. spaceranger

    Long time listener first time caller.

    Been hanging around these forums since high school when I had my first truck, Isabella, a '96 4-banger ranger. Lean mean indestructible machine. Been looking for a square body for years and finally just grabbed an '86 V6 Extended Cab 4x4 from Georgia. Drove it 14 hours up the coast to the cold...
  14. Forlorn

    Sudden Positive Camber after lifting.

    Recently I picked up an 85 ford bronco ii 2.8 manual with the 5-speed and have been working on getting it road worthy again. Next problem after the horrendous engine timing from the previous owner or whoever is my positive camber change. Literally just lifted it so I can get the tires off and...
  15. For Sale Manual transmissons and t case

    3- 2wd manual transmission $150 each E67a, e2ta, e67a 3-4wd manual transmission $150 each E37a, e57a, e67a 1- t case $150 Thank you
  16. Starting Issues 2.9l 4x4 1986 Ranger (auto)

    Hi everyone, i'm from germany and in january i bought a 1986 ranger (which is an import car), unfortunately it broke down couple weeks after i bought it, the reason was a broken crankshaft. So i took it to a U.S Car workshop in germany (which are btw extremly rare) and the guy told me he will...
  17. TexasDuck66

    2.3L ('83-'97) Carburetor swap

    Hey there, I've got an 83' Ranger 4x4 with the 2.3L equipped with a 1 Barrel Carb. I don't mind the Carter YFA but the vacuum system is a mess and I'd really like to swap to a Holley 350 Two Barrel into the truck. It came from California and I've removed the smog pump. I'd like to remove all...
  18. 93 crank no spark

    1993 manual rebuild it turns over but no spark engine light on fuel pump comes on checked engine ground top and bottom relays fuses all good try reset by disconnect negative but hasnt changed checked ignition switch is ok had clutch safty switch bypassed got fuel pressure oil sensor on pan is...
  19. Rough 2.9l

    I picked up a 1990 XLT with 4x4 that had been sitting outside for about 4 years not running. Gone through and replaced gas, fuel pump, filter, oil, plugs, injectors, IAC and MAP.... Still idling at around 1200 and kind of bogs a bit on 1st gear and barely gets enough power in 4th and 5th.. Not...
  20. TexasDuck66

    Hard to start but runs great.

    Hello again, I'm actually posting this for my buddy who just bought a 1988 Ford Ranger Extended Cab 2.9' 4x4 Auto. We picked it up for 3000$ and it's a really nice looking truck. It needs a little bit of work. It was owned by a old gentlemen who owned it for over 10 years. The truck had a...

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