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  1. misfire at/around 3000 rpm

    I posed this on a different ranger forum, fixed some other issues based on the replies(Thx, RonD) but not the main issue, so perhaps I can get some fresh eyes on the problem It is a misfire or intermittent lack of fire around 3000 rpm. The tach drops when it happens. I have replaced Coil, Fuel...
  2. 1991 Ford Ranger 2.9 v6

    Hi I’m going to look at a 1991 ford ranger with 300,000 km (186,000 miles) on it. I don’t know too much about it or any of the ford rangers but I know it has the 2.9 litre v6 and the transmission was rebuilt 100,000 km (62,000 miles). The clutch was also done at this time. The guy wants 1800...
  3. Pix3L8

    2.9 Starter problems

    Hey guy, I wanted some input on a reoccurring problem I have again with the bronco 2. The trucks got a 2.9 with a fm145 tranny out of a 85 ranger in it. The truck sometimes makes a clatter or almost grinding sound for a split second as the engines ignites. Right as you crank it over and the...
  4. Gabe03

    Engine ticking

    So I have a 91 ranger with a 2.9l and I'm hearing ticking on the driver side of the engine. It ticks whether it's hot or cold. I opened the valve cover and ran it. All the rockers are getting plenty of oil. Any chance it's an injector. Just want to know the problem before spending money trying...
  5. DavisRanger

    88 Ranger Restomod

    I bought the truck in August 2019, haven’t had it a year yet and I have completed much more than I thought I would, one of the few things I can thank COVID for lol. I didn’t even start taking things apart until February (2020) The overall goal for this truck is to build it into a nice daily...
  6. 1989 Ranger XLT 4x4 V6.jpg

    1989 Ranger XLT 4x4 V6.jpg

    Perfect interior. Not even a crack in the dash.
  7. 1989 Ford Ranger XLT V6 4x4

    1989 Ford Ranger XLT V6 4x4

    Needs a bath
  8. 1989 XLT 4x4 V6

    1989 XLT 4x4 V6

    Not bad for 31 years old
  9. 1989 XLT 4x4 V6 2.9l

    1989 XLT 4x4 V6 2.9l

    Covered with mud when I brought it home
  10. 1989 XLT 4x4 V6 2.9l

    1989 XLT 4x4 V6 2.9l

    76,588 actual miles!
  11. 1989 XLT 4x4 V6 2.9l

    1989 XLT 4x4 V6 2.9l

    Still washing the mud off. Nice rims!
  12. 1989 XLT 4x4 V6 4

    1989 XLT 4x4 V6 4

    My 'new' 1989 Ranger
  13. 1989 XLT 4x4 V6 5

    1989 XLT 4x4 V6 5

    cleans up nice
  14. 1989 XLT 4x4 V6 6

    1989 XLT 4x4 V6 6

    In good shape
  15. 1989 Ranger XLT V6 4x4

    1989 Ranger XLT V6 4x4

    My 'New' 1989 Ranger
  16. 1989 V6 XLT 4x4

    1989 V6 XLT 4x4

    My 'New' 1989 Ranger XLT
  17. Freshly bought 88

    I just bought an 88 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 Automatic (2.9) When I bought it on Wednesday it ran really well. I decided I was still going to change the oil, transmission fluid, filters, and ignition coil. (They replaced everything else.. wires, distributor, plugs) but left the old coil. I did all...
  18. plaligraphy

    Rostra Cruise Install on a 1990 Ranger?

    How bad is the install process for the rostra kit? (Link to Rostra Kit) It looks decently simple but I'm not the best with electrical work Thank you!
  19. 6 months later, still shuddering

    Good morning ranger station. I've posted pretty much this exact same thing probably 2 or 3 times. My 2.9 has a shudder/shaking issue and has since the day I got it running after buying it. This is probably my 4th or 5th time having this problem randomly just show up one day when I get in to...
  20. Pix3L8

    thoughts on high-idle

    Hey guys, so since my last post, I got my 2.9 put back together, in the truck, and it's running like a champ, purring like a kitten. You see the only issue that I'm having, which as I understand, is a 2.9 "thing" is that my idle won't go down no matter what I do to it. If I start the truck and...