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Window motor


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Sep 22, 2008
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Kinston, NC
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14, 88
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3.5TT, 2.9
Just thought I'd share my troubles.

My window motor quit on me. Seeing that this problem was not going to solve itself I asked some questions here and decided to remove just the motor. I will have to wait for the replacement, due to evey shop around (NAPA, Advance Auto, Carquest, O'reilly, etc) being out of stock for the passenger motor, though they have several driver's side motors in stock.:icon_twisted:

Decided to drill :icon_welder: a 1/2" hole to easily access the third motor screw and shoot on some primer to keep the area from rusting.

Motor, ah made in Mexico...:D

I took the motor apart to see if it could be salvaged, but I found that the seal was not doing its job. It appears that water may have infiltrated the motor to freeze it up. I sprayed some contact cleaner in the motor and now it will turn, but not enough to move the window. This has alot of the rust removed.

Hopefully I will get the new motor next week. What is the best thing to lube the weather stripping, would you use spray silicone or is there something better?