Transfer cases used in Ranger Based vehicles

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THE purpose to this forum is to answer questions relating to
transfer case problems.

To do so there is a certain level of information that must be provided with the question.(infact this is a good idea on ALL forums)

At MINIMUM we (the moderators and others who help out) need to know:
1)the year of your truck?
2)What engine?
3) since this is a T-case and locking hub forum we will assume you have a 4x4, but is your T-case Manual or Electronically shifted?

NOTE: Do remember if you bought your truck used it is atleast possible that the t-case is NOT the original type of t-case!

NOTE: on Bronco2's ALL versions are equipped with 4x4 type transmissions,
AND 2wd's used a "dummy" transfer case
I don't know why for did it this way, but that's the way they did it.
(though there is as with all things an exception, SOME late production 1990
B2's used a 2wd transmission with a BOLTED On flat flange and a longer driveshaft and thus no dummy t-case)
Transfer cases.
'83-89 The Borg Warner 13-50 part time 4wd T-case
For '89-'92 some models were equipped with the 13-50 T-case
and others were equipped with the Newer & Stronger B-W 13-54.

the 13-50 was made in several variations, but these were limited to
Electronic or manual shifted versions, and several output flange connection variations.

The rear output flange was either a "half moon" yoke ('83-85) or
a "flat" flange ('86-91).

The front output flange is either a slip yoke (almost all) or a bolted-on
"halfmoon" yoke (Ranger STX models with the "Highrider" factory 2" lift kit)

ALL 4.0 equipped Rangers used ONLY the 13-54 T-case
All 1993 and later Rangers (all engines) and Explorers
('91-94) used the B-W 13-54.

'95-01 Explorers (except the 5.0) used one of two distinct versions of the Borg-Warner 44-05 T-case (not to be confused with the similar 44-04 that is unique to the 5.0 AWD Explorers)

But one thing that MUST be discussed (for the benefit of supercab owners) is that '00-on Ford used a larger diameter Flange on the rear T-case output
This larger flange is the same diameter as the '90-up axle flange
and and this affects the ease with which you can swap in a particular one-piece driveshaft...

This information is a bit dated only being accurate up to about 2001 or 2002.

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