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  • Hello Allan I,be been trying to find your post about a f series truck fuel tank in a ranger. ThanKS if you could help me I have looked at 200 pages so far.
    AD - Got a quick question for you. I am purchasing a 2WD 90 Model Bronco II , my question when it comes to the front suspension does the Bronco II use the same brackets in both 2WD and 4WD setups ? I remember that the pre-90 Bronco II's used dummy T-cases , but did they also use 4WD front suspensions ? Thanks for any and all help you can give me.

    btw - That beam I got from you got me up and running the following weekend , thanks again for that
    YEP the Upgrades never end do they?? It may be a moot point if the lady selling the 88 doesn't get back to me, and that would have to be towed up to you if I got it. As for the 90 IF i buy it, would you be opposed to me meeting the guy at your place for the transfer and leaving with you to check over for recommended repairs-upgrades????
    AD - the 88 B2 has a D code, is that still better than the Auto A4LD in the 90 I am looking at, they are both priced cheap, almost tempted to go with both and ship em up to you for upgrades at your leisure!!!
    AD - you are harder to get in touch with than the pope, wel not really, trying to track you down for some B2 work, upgrades etc. lost your number and email I think changed. SOld MY 88 B2 you slaved over those many years ago(leather eB seats and all!!) but took a few weeks and now have another 88 or a 90 in my sights and am thinking of an 93 exploder to B2 conversion, can email me at buffett70@gmail.com. Thanks Chris M.
    will a 2.9 fuel pressure reg interchange with differn't size motors? i think mine is bad again after 4months, sucks gas through vac line........thanx for any info
    hey allan, i had PMed you a few months back about some manual hubs for a D35. i said i'd get in touch with you when i got my D35. well, I got my D35 from fellow TRSer "snoopdoggie", or Russ as you may know him. he told me he'd met you once. so i was just checking to see if you had any available as of right now. i wanna get everything i need for my D35 before i put it in. i'm also looking for a lockright and 4.56's if you have some or know of some. thanks!!

    On an '85-88 Ranger/Bronco2 it's usually under an access panel on top of the

    Unless the vehicle has an electric shift transfer case then it's burried in the drivers side jumpseat well or simply behind the seat.

    Hi Allan, fastpackr suggested I ask you this question from the audio/video forum. I've got an '88 Ranger and I'm trying to figure out if I've got the "premium sound" system. I know it's different because it's got the amp, but after searching the forum, some people are saying it's behind the radio in the dash, and some say it's behind the trim panel on the passenger side behind the passenger seat on an extended cab. I just didn't want to have to start taking things apart looking all over for it. Thanks for your help.
    Thank you. We will be in contact for sure and also my buddy is looking for a D28 passenger side stub shaft all the way to the spline where it slides off in the center so thats both axle shafts, stub and the one it links up with. Sorry we need all them parts:sorrysign: Thank you.
    The factory tank in your truck is plastic, so you
    might be better lookinf for a used one.

    Typically the problem is NOT the fuel tank but rather the rubber filler pipe is split where it is clamped onto the neck of the tank.


    I just signed up today, both TRS and Ranger Militia.
    Being an RVB Tech. Advisor, maybe you can answer my
    question of why I cannot find a fuel tank for my '89 ford Ranger ? Lots of '83-'88 tanks, ... and at good prices, yet
    '89 tanks seem rare as hen's teeth. So far, I've found
    one used one on eBay, ...haven't bid on it yet and one with an outfit called 'one call fuel tanks' for around $300, but they don't take credit cards on line, just over the phone.

    I hate to put the Ol' Gal out to pasture just because of a leaking gas tank. I've had her since day one, a real good runner. Any suggestions ?

    Ranger Kev
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