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stumbling idle/miss and why you never take your truck to the stealership... HELP!!!!!


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Nov 25, 2011
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this is a little long winded but PLEASE bear with me i really need your guys' help... :sad:

About a month ago my b3000 quit running on three cylinders. I put a new coil new plugs and wires on it and nothing changed. Took it to a local shop that we have taken our vehicles to for YEARS and they couldnt figure out the problem after about a week and a half. They recommended we take it to the dealership. Well we did and another week later it turns out that the valve seats were cracked and falling down into the cylinders. Got it back and it still ran rough but after a couple days it was a lot better. They reset the computer at the dealership (actually reset it not just unhooked the battery) so i figureed this was the issue. A couple days ago i noticed a few oil spots under where i usually park; crawled underneath at it looked like it was leaking from the back of the oil pan. Pulled the pan and saw oil coming down from the top end and it turns out THEY DIDNT TIGHTEN THE BOTTOM BOLTS ON THE F*****G VALVE COVERS!!! :pissedoff: They were 7-8 COMPLETE turns from being tight, and the oil filter was also 2-3 full turns from being tight! barely tight enough to make the seals touch. :annoyed:

On top of this it has been running rough again for about a week. At idle it will run fine and then it will start missing and stumbling and sometimes completely die, other times it kicks the rpms back up and then runs fine. And it doesnt do it all the time. Proabably 1 out of every 3 times i come to a complete stop (after i have been moving). It will also occasionaly miss once or twice while I am just going down the highway, especially if i am going up hills or if it just died like i said above. The check engine light is not on and it is not throwing any codes. What could it be????? Sensor, vaccum leak, more valve trouble? im out of ideas PLEASE HELP