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  1. Firmstrokes

    Please Help 4.0 ohc Missing running like crap

    I have a 94 Ranger 5 speed manual 4x4 4.0 OHV. I have replaced the following parts.. Fuel Pump and Relay checked ground and power wires to pump. Fuel Filter. O2 sensors "all" plugs and wires. cleaned mas air flow sensor replaced tps and cleaned the Iac... This son of a gun runs perfect when you...
  2. HELP! 1994 2.3l ranger stumbles on acceleration

    OK here's the story. 1994 Ranger 2.3l manual, 2WD no AC. the engine light has been on for some time. I tried reading the codes, but I got different codes every time and researching what I got led me nowhere. SO I replaced the air filter, fuel filter, PCV, DPFE, TPS, ICM. I Tested the fuel pump...
  3. tenga

    Same old problems, thinking fuel related

    I find myself having to post here again unfortunately, symptoms include very intermittent power loss, of which haven't been able to find a pattern. (It will go a whole day of driving without doing it, ill park in for an hour and get back in and it wont make it 2 blocks before doing it. though...
  4. stumbling idle/miss and why you never take your truck to the stealership... HELP!!!!!

    this is a little long winded but PLEASE bear with me i really need your guys' help... :sad: About a month ago my b3000 quit running on three cylinders. I put a new coil new plugs and wires on it and nothing changed. Took it to a local shop that we have taken our vehicles to for YEARS and they...

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