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I think I’d be more inclined to get a smoke eater to start and see where that lands you.

To address a couple other comments…

If you’re inhaling the cigars, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re not inhaling them into your lungs, lung cancer from it isn’t really an issue. Cigars/pipes and cigarettes are entirely different animals despite what they try to tell us.

There is only trace amounts of nicotine in cigar tobacco. The way it’s cured releases the nicotine along with the ammonia naturally present in the leaves. This is part of the bulk curing process. Maduro cigar tobacco is bulk cured in a way to increase the heat and pressure which darkens the leaves and adds a slight sweetness. Cigarette tobacco is “flue cured” which preserves the nicotine and the ammonia it’s dissolved in.

”Machine made” cigars like Backwoods are usually made with cuttings from premium cigars. Swisher Sweets are usually made from cuttings from JC Newman cigars if I remember right.

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