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  • Hi Ron, I have a 2001 Ranger XLT and replace the engine with a factory refund long block. The engine sounds like a diesel. I have had it back to the dealership 3 times where the change 2 timing sensors cassette, then the belt pulley, tensioner and belt, the last time they change the crank pulley. It still sounds like a diesel. Definitely and internal noise, I can determine that with a stethoscope. Any ideas??
    Sorry for not proof reading my message.... Ford factory refurb long block. hopefully you can figure the rest out, I will do better next time.
    Good afternoon Ron! I posted asking about my buddy's 91 rwd ranger that he bought a 2" lift kit all the way around and wasn't sure what size tire and wheel combo he could run after the lift whether 15" or 16" wheels. Do you have any experience on this body or what is the largest tire that will work safely?
    I appreciate any help!
    99 xlt check engine light replaced ox sensors light went away for 100 mi. now back on. what's up?
    Hey...sorry to bother you, but I quoted you on Grounds in a post recently. I hope you don't mind.
    The string was here

    If I should not have done that please let me know. I gave you credit for it, but in hindsight, maybe I should not have done it at all.
    Sorry and thanks.

    Hey Ron good afternoonI have two more problems with my truck my upper radiator hose is staying hard as a rock quite often I do have heat and I’m not over heating but my lower radiator hose does not heat up at all stays cold an the other problem is one of my front shocks is pretty loose I can take it and spin the whole thing in a complete 360. Thank you.
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