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No spark or fuel. HELP!


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Apr 3, 2011
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Hi guys.
I installed a SOHC motor from a 2001 Ranger into my '96 to replace a 2.3L. The harness and ECU are from a '97 explorer SOHC.

I am not getting any spark and I don't smell any unburned fuel.

I checked the cam position sensor. It does provide an AC signal when the engine is cranked. It is < 1 VAC. Not sure what it should be, but it clearly changes when the engine starts cranking. I also have 1.8VDC to one side of the sensor and nothing on the other side. The Haynes manual says it should have approximately 1.5 VDC on one of the wires.

I also checked the ignition coils. All secondaries are 13k ohms. All primaries are 0.8 ohms. There is 13 VDC in on the positive connection. I didn't have a pass through connector to check the negative side while cranking it over.

I checked the crankshaft sensor. When the engine is cranked I get a 0.8-1 VAC signal up at the ECU connector (ECU disconnected). With it connected to the ECU I have about 1.8 VDC on both wires to the sensor. Again the Haynes manual says to check for approximately 1.5 VDC on one of the wires. I have power on bothIs this my problem?

I also noted that the CEL goes away when the engine is cranking. From what I have found that is an indication the ECU is detecting the crankshaft signal.

From my review of the schematics in the EVTM the only signal the exploder uses that the Ranger doesn't have is the fuel pressure. I woldn't think that would cause a problem.

It seems my problem is in the ECU. I am not getting any fault codes. Is there any way to test the ECU to see whether or not it is working?

Any suggestions on where to go from here?

Thank you for your assistance.

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