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Heads up for anyone going with Ruff Stuff One Ton TRE kit


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Feb 21, 2012
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Northern Idaho
Vehicle Year
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Ford Ranger
Engine Type
4.0 V6
2WD / 4WD
Solid Axle Swap 4x4
Total Lift
8 inches
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So one of the TREs went bad. No big deal until I went to order another one. Ruff stuff does there kit with the high angle drag link TRE Right hand thread. So the one at the Y is left hand thread well es2234L (Left had thread) is pretty much a special order. After stepping back and trying to figure out if i could track one down locally or not its pretty much an order only one. Which If you look at Ballistic fabs kit There kit comes with Left hand thread drag link TRE and two es2234r (right hand thread TREs) that are super common and I can go into the local parts house and get them. Even the Left hand Drag link TRE is super common. I get where they were going but hand Left hand stuff is on the passenger side right hand is drivers side but I didn't realize one of the TREs was a special one that MOOG makes for the offroad stores. So I'm changing out my high angle drag link TRE for a Left hand one and then that way all the TREs can be bought off the shelf of any parts house. The high angle Drag link, Two right hand TREs and the normal Y link. All normal chevy one ton TRE stuff.

More common parts are always a plus. Especially if MOOG ever quits making them.

PS all I have to do is flip my Drag link bar 180*s and change out the TRE and the high angle TRE and things are flipped.

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