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99 Ranger ABS light & codes


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May 26, 2014
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Hey all,

1999 XLT 4x4 Off Road w/ABS. Front discs, rear drums. ABS light on since purchased in June. Tried a bunch of trouble shooting starting with rear pumpkin speed sensor. Also lifted driver's front wheel & got millivolts from the sensor at the connector behind the headlight when spinning the wheel. Was going to check front passenger side voltage next & noticed the sensor harness wasn't even connected up behind the headlight! Hoping that would be it, but no - too easy. So O'Reilly auto checked the codes for me today:

C1155, C1145, C1230 and C1102: front left sensor, front right sensor, rear center sensor, and accelerator sensor, respectively.

I was hoping one of the connectors to the ABS module would be slightly off, but again, too easy! They're definitely on good now, if they weren't before. They looked fine, too, not corroded or anything.

Questions: Are those four sensors the only sensors? Codes (and the millivolt reading from the sensor I tested) suggest the wiring harness might be bad. But all wires at once? The fuse in the box looked ok (first thing I checked months ago) and the speedometer is fine, so I don't think it can be the fuse. Also, I thought I read somewhere here that there's a code for a bad ABS module. So if the module's not reading the sensors, but also not throwing a code, could it be the module anyway? If so, best course of action? Junk yard? Too much rust to invest in a brand new module.

Sucks that this is an inspection item. Really don't want to unplug the light. Wouldn't mind ABS with winter coming up. And maybe my cruise control will come on, too?!? My understanding is CC doesn't work when ABS is disabled. True?


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