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abs codes

  1. A4LD_Nghtme

    RABS CODE 4 Both brake lights on 90 Bii

    Hey there, I have a 1990 Bronco II XLT 4x4 that has been edging ever closer to finish. I've recently replaced the brakes almost in their entirety for the rear and still after bleeding the entire system have both the yellow and red brake lights illuminated and I now have a flashout CODE 4...
  2. Pix3L8

    Anyone know how to read OBD1 ABS codes?

    Trying to pull some ABS codes from the 89 but from my understanding you can’t use a traditional scan tool?
  3. 99 Ranger ABS light & codes

    Hey all, 1999 XLT 4x4 Off Road w/ABS. Front discs, rear drums. ABS light on since purchased in June. Tried a bunch of trouble shooting starting with rear pumpkin speed sensor. Also lifted driver's front wheel & got millivolts from the sensor at the connector behind the headlight when spinning...

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